The Light Bearer 11:11 Promotion

6-Day Online Courses & Retreats Discount Registration Fees at 1111 USD

The Light Bearer 11:11 Promotion

A Unique Opportunity To Register in All 2019-2020 Retreats & Online Courses on a Special Promotional Fee

Multidimensional Human Expansion: Empowering Resources for Self-Realization, Personal Transformation, Healing, Manifestation of Goals & Your Highest Potential

Special discount rates for ALL 6-day Online Courses & Retreat Workshops 2019-2020 at 1111 USD extended for registrations completed by the 1st July 2019

See the Workshops Included in the 11:11 Promotion at the end of this page.

The Promotion Period

The Light Bearer 11:11 Promotion is available by 1 July 2019, ending at 11:11 pm UTC/GMT -08:00 hours (US: PST) for the registrations in all the Pleiadian Alchemy Online Courses and Retreat Workshops currently announced in our 2019 and 2020 Calendar.

The Discount

During the Promotion period, all the 6-Day Online Courses and Retreat Workshops currently announced for the years 2019 & 2020 bear a special discount from the Regular Fee of 1400 USD and the Early Bird Fee of 1250 USD down to 1111 USD per each 6-Day Workshop and Level (Level 1 or Level 2). Therefore:

  1. For Online Courses (where there are no additional expenses involved) the final registration fee is 1111 USD for Level 1 (6-Day Workshop) and 2222 USD for Levels 1&2 (12-Day Workshop) during the Promotion period.
  2. For Retreats (where the registration fee includes additionally the hotel-resort accommodation, full board meals, airport transport, the entrance tickets and transport during the 2-day tours per level) the final fee differs depending on the retreat location and the stay expenses estimated by the hotel-resort and the transportation companies, however its integral fee corresponding to the workshop classes is equally reduced to 1111 USD for Level 1 (6-Day Workshop within a 10-Day Retreat including additionally 2-Day tour, plus the arrival & departure days) and 2222 USD for Levels 1&2 (12-Day Workshop within an 18-Day Retreat including additionally 4-Day tour, plus the arrival & departure days)

Once The Light Bearer 11:11 Promotion ends, the registration fees change to The Early Bird Discount Fees valued in 1250 USD per 6-Day Workshop and Level, and after the Early Bird expires, the fees return to the Regular Registration Fees value of 1400 USD per 6-Day Workshop and Level available until the announced date of the Registration Closure.

Registration Prerequisites

Please pay attention to the Registration Prerequisites described in the prerequisite section of each Workshop’s page according to the Stage & Level of the Workshop you register in. You MAY use this Promotion to register in ALL currently announced workshops for 2019 & 2020, however you always need to fulfill the prerequisites for participation. For example:

  • You may register without any prerequisites in the Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) Level 1 or Levels 1&2 (integral part of most of our other Workshops program), Energy Coding I: Transformation Level 1 or Levels 1&2 Workshops, the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Level 1 Workshop, and the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Level 1 or Levels 1&2 Workshops.
  • The registration in the Energy Coding I: Transformation Levels 1&2 Workshops is the prerequisite to register in the Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing Level 1 or Levels 1 & 2 Workshop and the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Level 1 or Levels 1&2 Workshops.
  • The registration in the Energy Coding I: Transformation Levels 1&2, Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing Levels 1&2 and Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Levels 1&2 is the prerequisite to register in the Pleiadian Download Healing Level 1 or Levels 1&2 Workshops.

Registration & Payment Methods

To accept your registration in any of our Retreats or Online Courses, we require:

  • Your Knowledge of our Terms of Service: (a) The ‘Included & Excluded in the Fees’ listings relative your your selected Workshop (Open the “Description” box in the Registration Section of your selected Workshop for detailed lists), (b) Our Terms & Conditions, and (c) The Disclaimer (Follow the links from your selected Workshop’s page to the Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer pages or select from the Store Submenu in the Top Navigation Menu above)
  • Your Registration Form: download, print, fill out, sign, scan or take a photo of, and email to us the Registration Form available for download from your selected Workshop’s page (in the last Section: ‘Registration’) [once we receive your payment, we keep your spot in case you need more time to send in the Registration Form; at least send us an email immediately with your payment reference date & details]
  • Your Full Payment: by the deadline of this Promotion, using one of the below payment methods (both secure and under Buyer/Seller Protection):

(1) VIA LOCAL/INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS OR DEBIT/CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & NZD by TransferWise for free of charge payments or transparent lower fees while avoiding the disadvantageous bank & PayPal exchange rates (these are our preferred payment methods):

(a) Free Local Transfers in your local currency (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & NZD – if you have a bank account in the USA pay in USD, EUR in Eurozone, GBP in the UK, AUD in Australia, and NZD in New Zealand): Our standard USD registration fees and their equivalent in EUR/GBP/AUD/NZD are quoted on all Retreat and Online Course pages in the last ‘Registration & Fees’ section. For our USA, UK, Eurozone, Australia & New Zealand bank accounts details, please see the Payment Methods – Local Transfers.

(b) Debit/Credit Card payments (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & NZD) with Buyer/Seller Protection by TransferWise: Payment Methods – Debit & Credit Card Payments

(c) International Transfers (in USD or EUR) on official exchange rates and transparent low fees by TransferWise: Payment Methods – International Transfers

(2) VIA THE PURCHASE BUTTONS IN OUR WEBSITE’S ONLINE STORE by PayPal in USD ONLY: To obtain the corresponding fee, select from the scrolldown menu (A) Workshop Level (‘Levels 1&2’ or ‘Level 1 Only’) and (B-1) Accommodation Type (Single Room / Double Room) in Retreat registration, or (B-2) Group Option (Weekend or Weekday) in Online Courses, and then (C) click on ‘ADD TO BASKET’ button to proceed with the purchase. Payment Methods – Purchase Buttons

See the Payment Methods Page.

Our Goal

We initiate the upcoming season by offering an exceptional discount on the usual Early Bird registration fees for all the Pleiadian Alchemy Online Courses and Retreat Workshops to motivate and empower those of you interested in esoteric studies to create both a personal breakthrough and a shift in your environment.

We hope to facilitate your access to invaluable resources for multidimensional human expansion, developing your Highest Potential, finding your Higher Purpose, aligning with your Sacred Agreement to your Highest Good, personal transformation, self-improvement, self-realization, multidimensional multilevel healing, both personal and environmental, as well as the manifestation of your personal and planetary goals, so you can register in more workshops and study more often, and so —by reaching higher numbers of those empowered and enlightened— we can together contribute to producing a shift in human consciousness.

We summon all Wisdom Seekers, proactive Healees and Healers, Empaths as well as Lightworkers supporting the healing and protection of our Planet, to access the ancestral and stellar wisdom and knowledge so you can both exponentially speed up your own multidimensional evolution and spread the Light among your loved ones, family, friends, students, healees, patients, clients and fellow-Lightworkers.

The Online Courses & Retreats Included in
The Light Bearer 11:11 Promotion:




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