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Your Soul Contract is the Sacred Agreement made by your Soul  before conception and birth in your current lifetime conveying its intentions and plans for this incarnation. Unlike the Western or the Assyro-Babylonian Astrology based on the position, correlation and distribution of the celestial bodies in the Zodiac Constellations and Houses at birth, the Traditional Mayan Astrology and Numerology are founded upon the Cosmic-Earthly Rhythms and the Mayan Sacred Calendar Cholq’ij/Tzolk’in, a dimensional energies calendar instead of an astronomical one. It allows you to unravel your Sacred Agreement by describing your Human Design and Destiny Path as imprinted on your DNA by the Cosmic and Telluric Energies converging from the 4 Corners of the Universe at the transcendent moments of your conception and birth. You need this knowledge to guide you in your growth on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels, to harmonize you with the Cosmos, Mother Nature and Your Higher Self, to find your path and your Higher Purpose.

According to the Mesoamerican Shamanic traditions and its complex calendrical system, each day in human history is governed by specific Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Telluric Energies of Universal Consciousness. The days you are conceived and born are not random, but carefully chosen by your Soul and Guides so that the ruling energies can relevantly configure your genetic design, and with it your psychological set up, the way you can be conducted in the preconceived direction, with a specific evolutionary potential, personality and a mirroring life path, in order to fulfill your Soul’s goals in terms of experiences it seeks, such as the ones that were missing or failed in the previous lifetimes.

Among its many aspects, the Soul Contract includes your Higher Purpose; your Origins and Conception Energies expressing your past lives and genetic heritage or conditioning passed down your family bloodline; your Destiny Path determining where you are heading in your evolution, desired experiences, mission, lessons to learn from, tests, challenges to face and overcome, polarities to resolve and work with for your growth; your Right and Left Hemispheres configurations as resources and tools for your self-expression and manifestation: your Inner and Outer Worlds structure, and your Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies definition; as well as your Natal Core Energies configuring your identity, personality and developmental potential, your traits and gifts, your weaknesses and strengths, and so much more.

The main benefits of uncovering your Soul Contract are not only your deeper self-knowledge and self-understanding, and the sense of aligning with your original identity, but also the fact that, by becoming aware of it, you get the opportunity to embrace and work with the resources bestowed upon you by the Universe and the Nature, which is the best way to be empowered and develop your full potential, instead of struggling to adopt a different way of life, either chosen by yourself unwisely or imposed by the expectations of your society and family.


The Soul’s Journey • The Sacred Agreement or Soul Contract • The Mayan Cosmogony • The Najt: The Macrospiral of Space-Time-Frequency of Manifestation of All Creation & Reality • The Traditional Mayan Astrology & Numerology founded upon Universal-Earthly Rhythms & the Cosmic-Telluric Energies • The Complex Mesoamerican Calendrical System • The Mayan Sacred Calendar: The Cholq’ij / Tzolk’in – a Dimensional Energies Calendar instead of an Astronomical one • Maya Secrets of Human Genetic Design • Mayan Archetypal Energies of Universal Consciousness • Nawals & Your Archetypal Alter-Ego • Animal Guides & Teachers • The Mayan Heirloom Of Destiny • Soul Contract Interpretation

  • Shamanic Guidance and Healing method of the Soul Contract interpretation based on the Traditional Mayan Astrology & Numerology and The Sacred Calendar Cholq’ij / Tzolk’in
  • The Soul Contract concept, the Sacred Agreement made by the Soul for the upcoming incarnation before birth to further its evolution
  • The Mayan Secrets of Human Genetic Design — DNA Programming by the Cosmic, Galactic, Stellar, and Telluric Archetypal Energies ruling on the day you were conceived and born, determining your positive and negative potential of attitudes and personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the life path and experiences
  • The Mayan Cosmogony
  • The Najt: The Space-Time Macrospiral of Manifestation of All Creation and Reality
  • The Traditional Mayan Astrology and Numerology founded upon Universal-Earthly Rhythms and the Cosmic-Telluric Energies; its differences between the Mesoamerican Astrology and the Western or Assyro-Babylonian Astrology
  • Your Soul’s Purpose – your Higher Purpose in this lifetime
  • Your Conception Energies (your Ancestors, genetic heritage and conditioning, past lives)
  • Your Destiny Path (your life path as a reflection of your personality traits; the predetermined direction of your evolution in this lifetime; chosen experiences and mission; lessons and tests to learn from; challenges to face and overcome; polarities to resolve and work with)
  • Your Sacred Feminine Energies – your Right Hemisphere Programming of your Inner World, your psyche, your spiritual, intuitive, mental, intellectual and emotional potential, traits, tendencies and aptitudes
  • Your Sacred Masculine Energies – your Left Hemisphere Programming of your Outer World, your manifest physical world and environment, your body, your physical activity, proactivity and achievement potential, traits, tendencies and aptitudes
  • The Traditional Mayan Astrology and the Universal, Galactic, Stellar and Planetary Energies in the Universe and the human genetic coding
  • The Traditional Mayan Numerology and the qualities of vibration of each number in the Universe and the human genetic coding
  • The Mesoamerican complex calendrical system of many mutually synchronized calendars describing different cycles of time
  • Mayan Sacred Calendar (the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in) – a Dimensional Energies Calendar instead of an Astronomical one, the heavenly spiritual lunar calendar, and your genetic configuration at the moment of birth
  • Mayan Mundane Calendar (the Ab’ / the Haab), the earthly civil solar calendar, and your genetic configuration at the moment of birth based on it
  • Mayan Long Count Calendar (the Choltun), the galactic cycle calendar, and your genetic configuration at the moment of birth based on it
  • Mayan Archetypal Energies of the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in for the Soul Contract interpretation
  • Mayan Solar Energies and Nawals of the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in for the Soul Contract interpretation
  • Mayan Numerology for the Soul Contract interpretation (The Cycle of 13 and the Cycle of 20)
  • Mayan Sacred Directions for the Soul Contract interpretation: the 4 Earthly Sacred versus the 7 Cosmic Sacred Directions
  • Mayan Source Energies: Hunab K’u (The Giver of Movement and Measure), Sacred Feminine & Masculine, The Nature Forces, etc.

We do not facilitate a more detailed Workshop Program for copyright reasons. Trust your intuition rather than an intellectual scrutiny of the contents. If you feel drawn to this workshop, it definitely means that you have found this information by Higher Guidance, and that this system holds valuable insights, healing and skills you need in your evolutionary path. No access to the complete Program can guarantee that to you. Therefore, we request that you do not contact us with such enquiry.

Temple of the Great Jaguar —
the pyramid in Tikal, Guatemala

Hunab K’u — The Giver
of Movement and Measure


A most fascinating way to unravel your Soul Contract is by working with the Mayan Astrology. Unlike many other astrological systems, concerned with the planetary movements and their influence on human lives, the Mayan Astrology is founded on the study of the complex Mayan Calendrical System. It contains the esoteric knowledge of the Universal Archetypal Energies ruling Earth, which configure our DNA, personalities, and our life´s path (as our personality’s mirroring reflection) by programming us on the day we were born. These Solar Energies (Nawals), our totemic alter-egos, and the Number Frequencies, emitted from the Sun and the galactic core respectively, combine into 260 unique Synchronicities taking turns in cycles, with precision and in specific order. For thousand of years the count of those energies have been diligently kept by the distinguished elders and wisdom keepers called Time Keepers, mostly in the Mayan communities of Mexico and Guatemala, such as the Yucatec, Quiché and Kaqchikel Maya.

According to the Maya, each day in history has been ruled by those energies. By discovering the Archetypal Energies that were ruling on the day you were born, and which, therefore, you literally embody by the virtue of the encoding with specific frequencies received at birth, you can find out your DNA configuration. This concept embraces a variety of personal aspects, such as your personality traits, with the positive and negative potential, strengths and weaknesses; your identity on the broader context of your eternal soul; your destiny path mirroring who you are; and your life’s purpose, among others. This information is enclosed in the Archetypal Energies expressed by the Signs that configure who you are: your Natal Archetype, Conception Sign (Past), Destiny Sign (Future), your Right and Left Hemispheres representing your inner and outer worlds configuration and your Feminine and Masculine energies (your personal Yin & Yang energies). Your own Soul chose that day carefully and lovingly to achieve the fulfillment of your Sacred Agreement and your Higher Purpose in this life.

The study of your Soul Contract is based on the Sacred Master Calendar, the original “Medicinal Wheel” of the Native Americans, and it is a life-transforming process which combines elements of guidance and healing. The Sacred Master Calendar, the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in, a unique spiritual and lunar calendar able to define and unravel the core of your Sacred Agreement, is part of a larger Mesoamerican Calendrical System. Long before the Maya, Aztecs and Toltecs, it was passed down by the Olmecs, who most probably brought it from Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, crossing the Atlantic all the way from the North Africa, and who claimed the Calendar’s stellar (Pleiadian and Sirian) origins. The Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in synchronizes all the other calendars as well as aligns all humans to their Soul Contacts, their original frequencies and identities. Thus,  it harmonizes us with the Space-Time Continuum Spirals, the very fabric of Creation and Reality, and to Hunab K’u, the Giver of Movement and Measure.


The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology workshop is an ideal complement to the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop by deepening the topic of the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in, the Sacred Master Calendar of the Maya, the Aztec and the Olmec, which contains the secrets of the human genetic set-up, and which therefore we also learn to use for the DNA healing and re-programming. See: Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop page.



To register in the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology workshops the prerequisites are:

  • for Level 1: none
  • for Level 2: Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology 1


To register in The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Practitioner Training Foundation Level the prerequisites are:

  • Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology 1 & 2 workshops


LEVEL 1: Tikal, GUATEMALA, 13-22 March 2020
LEVEL 2: Tikal, GUATEMALA, 22-30 March 2020


LEVEL 1: April 2020 (Skype)
LEVEL 2: April-May 2020 (Skype)