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Sacred Geometry • Energy Coding • DNA Programming • Pendulum Dowsing • Mayan Calendar


Both in the Pleiadian Alchemy Workshops and Private Sessions you have the opportunity to experience and learn many powerful resources for developing your potential, personal transformation, healing, manifestation of goals, and accessing guidance. Our repertoire of effective tools ranges from esoteric, shamanic, intuitive and holistic to scientific, as well as from ancient or even millenary to modern. Some originate from the Mesoamerican Shamanic tradition (Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, Olmec), others from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, and all are linked to their Pleiadian and Sirian sources.


DNA Programming

Reprogramming of your blueprint for a positive read out and expression by means of (a) deactivation of existing disharmonic and detrimental factors existent in your genetic lineage pool as hereditary or self-created with your beliefs, choices and actions within the present or past lifetimes, as well as (b) insertion and activation of beneficial harmonic and supportive factors absent in your genetic pool or the scope of your consciousness, psyche, attitude and values. Our main format of genetic healing is the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy, however elements of the advanced Energy Coding as well as the Pleiadian Download Healing are an important complementary support in your genetic healing through the vibrational restructuring and coding.

Energy Coding

Encoding of your personal and environmental energies and consciousness for evolution to your highest good and highest potential, for harmony, health, abundance of resources, and manifestation of goals, using Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies [See: Energy Coding]: (a) Connectivity Coder for restoring and aligning your outer energy with the 7 Sacred Directions, the Elements, The Heart of Sky & Source, the Heart of Earth, your Soul & Higher-Self; (b) Chakra Codes for coding your inner energy: the Chakra System and Aura of living beings; (c) Harmonizing Codes for harmonizing the energy of your living and working spaces as well as frequently used objects with your personal energy to support your balance and achievement of your goals; (d) Energy Synchronizer & Coordinator for harmonizing all your coding devices; [See: the Energy Coding I: Transformation workshop] (e) Healing Codes for vibrational and psychological restructuring and healing of blockages, imbalances and diseases on vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vitality and physical levels while coordination with genetic transformation [See: the Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing and the Pleiadian Download Healing workshops] (f) Manifestation Codes for manifesting your goals, dreams and your your highest good [See: the Energy Coding III: Manifestation workshop]

Sacred Geometry

Restructuring, transformation and healing with a variety of Sacred Geometry forms including Universal 2D & 3D Geometry, Energy Coding, Light Healing, and Crop Circles. Sacred Geometry is essential in balancing and harmonizing of all living organisms as the underlying Universal pattern system of Sacred Proportions, Shapes, and the Mathematical and Geometric Constants, woven into the very fabric of Reality, Universe and Nature, and therefore present in all Creation and its birth and evolution stages on all levels from vibrational to physical, ruling the growth and balancing of energy and its physical manifestations including all living beings. Sacred Geometry teachings are an integral part of the program of our Energy Coding, Pleiadian DNA Alchemy, and the Pleiadian Download Healing workshops.

Pleiadian Downloads

Vibrational restructuring, balancing, harmonizing and healing with the 5th-Dimensional High-Frequencies originating and downloaded from the Pleiades, and facilitated by our generous Pleiadian Ancestors and Guides, in order to support and produce mankind’s transformation and shift on all levels of human psyche, attitudes, health, and the nature of your manifestations, including vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital, physical, genetic and karmic aspects. It includes reconnection to Source, your original Stellar Home, and the Pleiades. [See: Pleiadian Download Healing Workshop and the Pleiadian Download Healing Private Session pages]


Balancing, harmonizing and healing with essential oils using The Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy blends based on the unique Pleiadian formulas and special rituals of their application [For more information on Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy, see our Aromatherapy Page; Also see: Pleiadian DNA Alchemy (support in genetic healing by application of Pleiadian formulas), Energy Coding with special focus on the Energy Coding I: Transformation and Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing (application of Pleiadian formulas in healing, self-healing, cleansing and detox processes as well as clearing and cleansing of spaces), and the Pleiadian Download Healing (application of aromatherapy in multidimensional multi-level healing of large range of imbalances and ailments)]

Crystal Healing

Balancing, harmonizing and healing with healing crystals, as an invaluable complementary tool for direct application on the Chakra System, Crystal Grids creation and Distant Healing, including a verification of personal requirements and compatibility for each imbalance case [See: Pleiadian DNA Alchemy (support in genetic healing), Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing (creation of crystal grids as support in healing, self-healing or environmental cleansing and shift) Pleiadian Download Healing (support in vibrational and psychological restructuring, transformation and multidimensional multi-level healing of large range of imbalances and ailments)]

Mayan Calendar & Astrology

Aligning with your Sacred Agreement (Soul Contract), guiding, harmonizing and healing by means of the Mayan Astrology based on the Mesoamerican Caledrical System of interconnected multiple calendrical cycles of time (Earthly, Lunar, Solar, Pleiadian and Galactic), with special focus on the Sacred Mayan Calendar, the Cholq’ij / the Tzolkin, the spiritual lunar calendar unravelling your genetic set up by the solar and galactic celestial energies ruling on the day you were born. An invaluable tool used by the Mayan spiritual guides, Time Keepers and Shamans. [See: the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology workshop]


Aligning with your Sacred Agreement (Soul Contract), guiding, harmonizing and healing by means of the Numerological aspects of the Western and Mayan Astrology based on the Mesoamerican Caledrical System, especially with the Sacred Mayan Calendar, the Cholq’ij / the Tzolkin, the spiritual lunar calendar unravelling your genetic set up by the solar and galactic celestial energies ruling on the day you were born. It is an invaluable tool used by the Mayan spiritual guides, Time Keepers and Shamans. [See: the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology workshop]

Accessing Guidance

Intuition, Pendulum Dowsing, Muscle Testing

Developing your intuitive and psychic abilities as well as your sense of connection both to your Inner Guidance and the Higher Guidance. Connecting to Source (Higher Power, Universal Mind) as well as to your own Higher Self and Subconscious in order to receive guidance for important matters or retrieve the truth and the answers by means of Intuition, Pendulum Dowsing, Muscle Testing, etc. [Taught in the Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) Workshop, which is part of the program of all Pleiadian Alchemy Healing and Accessing Guidance Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats, such as: Energy Coding, Pleiadian DNA Alchemy, Pleiadian Download Healing, and the Tarot: Wisdom, Guidance & Healing]

The Tarot

Guidance on the inner and outer aspects of your life, work, relationships, personal attitude and health to attend to and deal with, the connections between the recurring issues, warning on the upcoming opportunities and challenges, forecast of the potential situations and changes, by means of the Oracle and Tarot Cards, combined with channelling and Pendulum Dowsing [See: the Tarot: Wisdom, Guidance & Healing Workshop]


Mayan Shamanic Tradition, Cosmovision, Pyramids, Temples, Inscriptions, Codices and Sacred Books

Our primary source of teachings is the Mesoamerican cosmovision (Mayan, Aztec, Toltec and Olmec) and its Wisdom Keepers, the Calendrical System, Astronomy and Astrology, as well as their surviving Codices, Sacred Books and literature from the territory of Mexico and Guatemala. This invaluable wealth of wisdom and knowledge, with values that the world truly needs today, has been passed down through lineages of ancient and modern Time Keepers, Priest, Shamans and Curanderos (traditional Healers), who hardly managed to safeguard and rescue their heritage from the Spanish conquest, religious persecution and destruction of their culture, language, and written legacy. Our focus is specially on the Mayan tradition.

Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, Pyramids, Temples, and Hieroglyphic Inscriptions

Our second most important source comes from the Ancient Egyptian lineages of Isis Priestesses and Priest, Wisdom Keepers, teachers and writers, whose vast wisdom, knowledge and skills in Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Astrology, Crystals, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, the power of the sound and music, as well as the spiritual technologies, such as energy handling, transmitting and emitting, detrimental and beneficial earth grid lines and power spots detecting, inspired many cultures and outstanding individuals, including the Greek classic philosophers and mathematicians: Pythagoras, Plato and Archimedes.


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