Pleiadian Download Healing

Workshop • Retreat


LEVEL 1: 6 days
LEVEL 2: 6 days
LEVEL 3: 6 days
LEVEL 4: 6 days
PRACTITIONER TRAINING Foundation Level: 6 days
PRACTITIONER TRAINING Advanced Level: 6 days


The Pleiadian Download Healing is a form of Vibrational, Holistic and Shamanic Healing combining aspects of the spiritual and emotional shift with powerful vibrational cleansing and restructuring from the quantum to the physical levels, by means of high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads accompanied by supportive Energy Coding, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy. Founded on an extensive exploration and diagnosis of root causes, the PDH focuses on detecting and counterbalancing the existing blockages, imbalances, disorders and issues in your health, life, relationships, self-expression, creativity and the nature of your manifestations, while tracing them back to their vibrational and emotional origins (including traumas, self-sabotage programs and detrimental patterns) as well as their environmental, genetic and karmic conditioning in your present and past lives, in search for solutions and healing instead of just palliating the symptoms. The healing becomes possible thanks to the holographic and multidimensional nature of the Universe or Multiverse (As Above So Below, As Within So Without), and the interconnectedness of the vibrational, genetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital and physical levels within every living system, which allow harmonizing shifts throughout your physical and subtle bodies, once originated on the vibrational level. From this perspective, the Pleiadian Download Healing is also a method of physical healing by virtue of working on and clearing the vibrational and psychological root causes of the physical imbalances and diseases, thus opening the door for the physical recovery.

It includes the Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) Workshop in its program.


Vibrational Restructuring • The Consciousness & The Subconscious Restructuring • Quantum Cleansing • Vibrational Healing • High-Frequency Downloads Healing • Sacred Geometry Healing • Root Causes Tracing • Mapping Out the Psyche • Patterns Shifting • Profound Personal Transformation

  • Shamanic Healing method of the Pleiadian Download Healing for quantum, vibrational, emotional, mental, spiritual, karmic, and physical healing
  • The Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) Advanced Practice Levels 1 & 2A (in Levels 1 & 2) and Advanced Practice Levels 2B (Root Causes Tracing) & 3 (in Levels 3 & 4) (Accessing Guidance, Self-Care, Clearing & Cleansing)
  • Root causes tracing
  • Mapping out the psyche
  • The Physical Body anatomy (Systems, Vital Organs, Body Sections)
  • The Subtle Bodies anatomy (Chakras – Energy Centres, Meridians – Energy Canals, Aura – Energy Field)
  • Mutual correlation of body parts and systems in our physical “Outer World” (body & environment) to our vibrational “Inner World” (psyche & soul) processes and imbalances
  • Principles of balancing, harmonization, alignment in healing
  • Chakra System balancing
  • Meridians unblocking
  • Reshaping Aura with Pleiadian Downloads, Sacred Geometry, Vibrational Codes, Root Codes, and Trail Codes
  • Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies balancing (Yin & Yang)
  • Diverse technique of healing through the reestablishment of the balance within and between the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Energies (Yin & Yang), including Pleiadian Downloads, Sacred Geometry, Vibrational Codes, Root Codes, and Trail Codes
  • Working with the Sacred Feminine Energies – healing your Right Hemisphere: your Inner World, your psyche, your spiritual, intuitive, mental, intellectual and emotional potential, tendencies and aptitudes
  • Working with the Sacred Masculine Energies – healing your Left Hemisphere: your Outer World, your manifest physical and material reality and environment, your body, your physical activity, proactivity and achievement potential, tendencies and aptitudes
  • Subtle Bodies healing with high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads and Energy Coding (application of standard and personalized configurations of Downloads and Energy Codes for healing Chakras, Meridians, and Aura)
  • Physical Body healing with high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads and Energy Coding (configurations of Downloads and Energy Codes for healing specific physical systems, vital organs, body sections, etc.)
  • Empowerment creation with high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads (application of standard and personalized configurations of Downloads and Energy Codes for guidance, insight, motivation, breakthrough, initiative, freedom, responsibility, discernment, empowerment, purpose, and more)
  • Healing by means of the alignment with your Stellar Origins; tracing the Stellar Origins with the Pleiadian Protocol and accessing Akashic Records
  • Healing with Sacred Geometry (Platonic Solids, Archimedean Solids, Transitory Shapes, Pentagram, Pentacle, Hexagram, Pentaflower, The Flower of Life, Merkaba, Tetrahedronal Star, Vesica Piscis, and more)
  • Healing with Crop Circles geometry patterns and codes
  • Healing with Sound and Music: Chakras, Meridians and Aura balancing and harmonization
  • Personal Transformation with Energy Coding for the 13-Chakra System
  • DNA Restructuring with Pleiadian Downloads and restorative Energy Coding
  • Working with the Mayan 4 and the 7 Sacred Directions in Pleiadian Download Healing
  • Working with the Great Spirit, the Pleiadian Guides and the Source Energies: Hunab Ku, Sacred Feminine & Masculine Energies, and the Nature Forces in the Pleiadian Download Healing


We do not facilitate a more detailed Workshop Program for copyright reasons. Trust your intuition rather than an intellectual scrutiny of the contents. If you feel drawn to this workshop, it definitely means that you have found this information by Higher Guidance, and that this system holds valuable insights, healing and skills you need in your evolutionary path. No access to the complete Program can guarantee that to you. Therefore, we request that you do not contact us with such enquiry.


Learn the comprehensive system of vibrational restructuring, cleansing and healing combining Intuitive, Holistic and Shamanic approaches to achieve a shift from the quantum to the physical levels. The procedure is complete with several stages of chakra system and meridians unblocking and balancing, the aura and the space clearing, cleansing and harmonizing, a full diagnosis of the imbalances, blockages and disorders elaboration, guidance the required aspects of awareness, attitude and emotional range shift, and finally the vibrational healing with high-frequency Energy Downloads, Energy Coding, Sacred Geometry, Crystals and Healing Oils. Acquire the skills to trace the issues back to their root causes, such as the low-vibrational thoughts and emotions, self-sabotage programs, detrimental patterns, traumas, past lives imprints and genetic, karmic or environmental conditioning. This workshop can become the best complement of the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy workshop as, through acquired skills of diagnosis elaboration and root causes tracing, it gives you the tools to find out what actually are the main issues that you need to work on within your DNA, including their interrelations or ramifications, so the shift and healing can take place with effective and long-lasting results.

The Pleiadian Download Healing has many elements of a Shamanic Ceremony in which you connect to the Great Spirit and the Higher-Dimensional Guides for valuable insights, understanding of the existing imbalances and performing high-frequency downloads of clearing, transformation and healing acting together as a team. Tracing the root causes of health issues and blockages in diverse aspects of life, relationships, work, creativity, self-expression or the nature of one’s manifestations is crucial in healing. You will be introduced to an insightful technique of ‘Mapping Out the Psyche’ to understand how you function, what drives you , what restricts you, what you need to feel in balance, self-fulfilled and in alignment with your Higher Purpose, and what the origins of the blockage or disease might be. You learn to work with detailed templates to evaluate your own or a client’s issues on vibrational, genetic, karmic, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and environmental levels by accessing Higher Guidance.

Assisted by the powerful 5th-Dimensional Pleiadian support, the Pleiadian Download is not only an intense form of vibrational healing but also a deep research into your present and past lives stories and issues. It is the ultimate self-discovery journey targeting your holistic balance through the awareness shift aided by mapping out your psyche in order to bring valuable information from your subconscious to the conscious level (who you are, how you function, what drives you, what restricts you, and what you need to be in balance, self-fulfilled and aligned with your Higher Purpose). This deeper level of self-knowledge and self-understanding will benefit and empower your in your daily decisions, activities and their results, inspiring the adjustment of your choices and reactions, thus yielding the improvement of your health, inner harmony, relationships and life experience. The PDH pays special attention to uncovering and clearing not only the external and environmental negative influences but particularly those self-created: the limiting or destructive patterns of thought, emotion, attitude, beliefs and behaviour, including self-sabotage programs. It is in these aspects that you bear your own responsibility for your life and health limitations and detriment where you have the greatest power to make changes and a significant shift towards liberation and recovery.


For more detailed information about this healing modality, visit the Pleiadian Download Healing Private Session page.


  • a pendulum for dowsing (best made of stainless steel, otherwise a crystal one; you can also purchase pendulums during the retreat)
  • colored pencils or crayons (a set of 26 colours: gray, black, representative of infra-red, red, brown, orange-red, orange, yellow-orange, yellow, chartreuse, green, spring green, turquoise, cyan, azure [blue-cyan #007fff], blue, slate blue, indigo dye [indigo-blue], indigo, lilac [indigo-violet], violet. lavender [light violet], representative of ultra-violet, white [optional], silver, gold)
  • your basic healing crystals collection, if you have it, highly recommended (you can also purchase crystals during the retreat)



To register in The Pleiadian Download Healing 1 & 2 workshops the prerequisites are:

  • Energy Coding I: Transformation 1 & 2
  • Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing 1 & 2
  • Pleiadian DNA Alchemy 1 & 2
  • Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) (Accessing Guidance & Clearing workshops included in the program of the above workshops)

To register in The Pleiadian Download Healing 3 & 4 workshops the prerequisites are:

  • Pleiadian Download Healing 1 & 2
  • Energy Coding III: Manifestation 1 & 2
  • Pleiadian DNA Alchemy 3
  • Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology 1 & 2
  • The Tarot: Wisdom, Guidance & Healing 1 & 2
  • Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) (Accessing Guidance & Clearing workshops included in the program of the above workshops)


To register in The Pleiadian Download Healing Practitioner Training Foundation Level the prerequisites are:

  • Pleiadian Download Healing 1 & 2 workshops
  • Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) Advanced Practice (Accessing Guidance, Self-Care, Clearing & Cleansing workshops included in the program of the above workshops)

To register in The Pleiadian Download Healing Practitioner Training Advanced Level the prerequisites are:

  • Pleiadian Download Healing 3 & 4 workshops
  • Practitioner Training Foundation Level
  • Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) Advanced Practice (Accessing Guidance, Self-Care, Clearing & Cleansing workshops included in the program of the above workshops)