Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Online Course



  • THE PLATFORM: Skype (Live Group Workshop – the nature of the course contents requires an interactive class where each group’s participants bring in individual contributions and, in response, unique Guidance)
  • SUPER EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: by 1 Mar 2020 special discount rates
  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE: by 1 May 2020 discount fees
  • REGULAR FEE REGISTRATION CLOSURE: 1 July 2020 (no more Students can be accepted past that deadline


  • GROUP OPTIONS: Choose a schedule group suiting your availability: the Weekend Group (WE) with classes on 3 Saturdays & Sundays within one month, or the Weekday Group (WD) held on 3 Mondays & Tuesdays within one month.
  • LEVEL OPTIONS: The Online Course consists of 2 Levels: Level 1 in Sept 2020 and Level 2 in Oct 2020. Each Level lasts 6 days over 3 weeks: 3 weekends (Sat & Sun) or 6 weekdays (Mon & Tue) according to the Group you choose as explained above. When you make your registration through the last section of this page, make sure you select the options appropriately [the Level (‘Level 1’ or ‘Level 1 & 2’) and the Group (‘Weekend/WE’ or ‘Weekday/WD’)] in order to (a) get the registration fee correctly quoted and (b) book your spot in the correct group.


The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy is a genetic, vibrational, emotional and spiritual healing combining the science of Epigenetics with the Mayan Shamanic tradition and the Mystery Schools linking these mystic techniques to our Ancestors from The Pleiades and Sirius. The Mesoamerican cosmogony, Astrology, Numerology and the Cosmic-Telluric Archetypal Energies of the Mayan Sacred Calendar play a significant role in the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy transformational and healing system. It gives you the tools for creating significant shifts on the 3 levels that need to be synchronized in order to produce a sustainable transformation and healing: the DNA, energy and consciousness. Empowered with these Shamanic techniques of DNA Programming and Consciousness Coding, you can shift your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vibrational and genetic resources to your highest potential.

As your Blueprint has been encoded with the Cosmic and Telluric Energies at the transcendent moments of conception and birth, and you will learn to re-program it using the same energies on the Space-Time Continuum Spirals of Creation to reshape your personality traits, life experience and health into empowerment, harmony & wellbeing. With the DNA Activations and Deactivations of attitudes, aptitudes, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, habits and genetic inheritance, you can shift patterns as well as eliminate any negative potential and the acquired or genetically transmitted afflictions replacing them by desired features and manifesting what you desire. Through the transformative reprogramming of your DNA, consciousness and energy with Archetypal Cosmic, Galactic and Stellar Energies, Sacred Geometry, Light and Sound Frequencies, High-Frequency Downloads, linguistic resources and affirmations, the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy is a powerful ally in speeding up your personal growth, multidimensional expansion and the process of restoring balance and harmony in your psyche, self-expression, physical health, relationships, activities and the nature of your manifestations.

This system offers you the resources for gradual shift of your Blueprint from who you are to who you choose to be, by deprogramming weaknesses, negative patterns and low-frequencies constituting the root causes of issues, blockages, imbalances and disease, while replacing them by positive empowering programs to manifest and attract all you desire. In addition to reshaping your personality traits, attitude, aptitudes, and detrimental behavioral patterns, it deals with vibrational, emotional and physical health issues by tracing and deprogramming the underlying negative emotions, thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage programs, as well as by pinpointing other environmental, genetic or karmic root causes and vibrational toxins.

It includes the Intuition, The Unconscious & Radiesthesia Workshop (Level 1 & 2B and the Foundation Practice 1 & 2B [Root Causes Tracing]) in its program.



For the workshop more detailed description including the program, props and prerequisites, see ‘WHAT YOU LEARN’, ‘REQUIRED PROPS’ and ‘REGISTRATION PREREQUISITES’ sections on the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop general page.



CONTENTS: The  Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop Level 1 and the Intuition, The Unconscious & Radiesthesia Workshop (Pleiadian Protocol) Level 1 & Foundation Practice Level 1 Workshops.

Choose one group suiting your availability:


DATES: 12-13, 19-20, 26-27 Sept 2020 (6 Days)

TIME: 2-5 pm & 6-9 pm EST / UTC-5:00 (Sat)
10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm EST / UTC-5:00 (Sun)


DATES: 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 Sept 2020 (6 Days)

TIME: 10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm EST / UTC-5:00 (Mon & Tue)


CONTENTS: The  Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop Level 2 and the Intuition, The Unconscious & Radiesthesia Workshop (Pleiadian Protocol) Level 2B & Foundation Practice 2B (Root Causes Tracing Basics) Workshops.

Choose one group suiting your availability:


DATES: 03-04, 10-11, 17-18 Oct 2020 (6 Days)

TIME: 2-5 pm & 6-9 pm EST / UTC-5:00 (Sat)
10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm EST / UTC-5:00 (Sun)


DATES: 05-06, 12-13, 19-20 Oct 2020 (6 Days)

TIME: 10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm EST / UTC-5:00 (Mon & Tue)


DURATION: The total duration of each Level of the Course is 48 hours, out of which, in the Online Course, the 36 hours of the group online classes are distributed in 6 days (6 hours of class per day) over 3 weeks (2 days each week). The remaining 12 hours are designed and handed over to the Students in the form of individual exercises and tasks that are required to be performed in the Students’ free time, and then sent to the Teacher for review. Once the Teacher works on the delivered Students’ homework, Nigma offers corresponding comments, advice and guidance for improvement and clarification of arising doubts, both in the group classes and on the individual basis whenever needed and possible.

INDIVIDUAL TASKS: Each day, the Students will be given individual practice exercises to complete after the group classes during 4 more hours each of the 3 weeks, a total of 12 hours in each Level. You can work on them in your free time after the group classes and send the Worksheets by email for the Teacher’s review, advice and guidance the latest 4 days after each class (so you are ready to continue learning before the next class).