Pleiadian DNA Alchemy

Workshop • Online Course • Retreat


LEVEL 1: 6 days
LEVEL 2: 6 days
LEVEL 3: 6 days
PRACTITIONER TRAINING Foundation Level: 6 days
PRACTITIONER TRAINING Advanced Level: 6 days


The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy is a genetic, vibrational, emotional and spiritual healing combining the science of Epigenetics with the Mayan Shamanic tradition and the Mystery Schools linking these mystic techniques to our Ancestors from The Pleiades and Sirius. The Mesoamerican cosmogony, Astrology, Numerology and the Cosmic-Telluric Archetypal Energies of the Mayan Sacred Calendar play a significant role in the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy transformational and healing system. It gives you the tools for creating significant shifts on the 3 levels that need to be synchronized in order to produce a sustainable transformation and healing: the DNA, energy and consciousness. Empowered with these Shamanic techniques of DNA Programming and Consciousness Coding, you can shift your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vibrational and genetic resources to your highest potential.

As your Blueprint has been encoded with the Cosmic and Telluric Energies at the transcendent moments of conception and birth, and you will learn to re-program it using the same energies on the Space-Time Continuum Spirals of Creation to reshape your personality traits, life experience and health into empowerment, harmony & wellbeing. With the DNA Activations and Deactivations of attitudes, aptitudes, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, habits and genetic inheritance, you can shift patterns as well as eliminate any negative potential and the acquired or genetically transmitted afflictions replacing them by desired features and manifesting what you desire. Through the transformative reprogramming of your DNA, consciousness and energy with Archetypal Cosmic, Galactic and Stellar Energies, Sacred Geometry, Light and Sound Frequencies, High-Frequency Downloads, linguistic resources and affirmations, the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy is a powerful ally in speeding up your personal growth, multidimensional expansion and the process of restoring balance and harmony in your psyche, self-expression, physical health, relationships, activities and the nature of your manifestations.

This system offers you the resources for gradual shift of your Blueprint from who you are to who you choose to be, by deprogramming weaknesses, negative patterns and low-frequencies constituting the root causes of issues, blockages, imbalances and disease, while replacing them by positive empowering programs to manifest and attract all you desire. In addition to reshaping your personality traits, attitude, aptitudes, and detrimental behavioral patterns, it deals with vibrational, emotional and physical health issues by tracing and deprogramming the underlying negative emotions, thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage programs, as well as by pinpointing other environmental, genetic or karmic root causes and vibrational toxins.

In its program, it includes the Intuition, The Subconscious & Radiesthesia Workshop (Level 1 & 2B and the Foundation 1 & 2B [Root Causes Tracing]), a Protocol for developing your intuitive and psychic skills, accessing Higher Guidance, self-care and vibrational clearing & cleansing.


The DNA Programming for Personal Transformation, Healing & Manifestation • Elements of the Science of Epigenetics • The Power of Sound & Word and the Linguistic Programming • Consciousness Coding • Mesoamerican Shamanic Secrets of Human Genetic Design • Human DNA Configuration with the Cosmic & Telluric Energies • The Mystery Schools & the Mystic Art of Co-Creation of One’s Consciousness & Reality through Higher Guidance • Programming the Space-Time-Frequency Continuum Macrospirals of Manifestation of All Creation & Reality

  • The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy – an Intuitive, Holistic and Shamanic system for the genetic, vibrational, emotional and spiritual healing, clearing, activations, and deactivations
  • The Intuition, The Subconscious & Radiesthesia Workshop (Level 1 & 2B and the Foundation 1 & 2B [Root Causes Tracing]), a Protocol for developing your intuitive and psychic skills, accessing Higher Guidance, self-care and vibrational clearing & cleansing
  • Epigenetics, linguistic programing and the power of sound, word and affirmations
  • The Mayan Cosmogony and the Shamanic secrets of the Human Genetic Design
  • Space-Time Continuum Spirals of Creation and the resources for their programming
  • The trace DNA of the powerful ancient native inhabitants of Planet Earth and engaging them for boosting our transformational and healing processes
  • DNA Reprogramming for Deactivations & Clearing – deactivation and clearing of low-frequency negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, traits, and the root causes of imbalances and disease
  • DNA Reprogramming for Manifesting & Activations – replacement of low-frequency negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, traits, and the root causes of imbalances and disease by the counterbalancing healthy, nurturing and empowering high frequencies
  • DNA Reprogramming for personal transformation and evolution
  • Consciousness Coding for letting go of negative, unhealthy patterns and self-sabotage programs, as well as implementing positive and healthy patterns and programs instead;
  • DNA Reprogramming for healing
  • Additional DNA Programming with Sacred Geometry (from Level 2 on)
  • Advanced DNA Programming with Vibrational Codes, Root Codes and Trail Codes for anchoring in the Sacred Directions (from Level 2 on)
  • The Physical Body Anatomy foundations for DNA programming – Systems, Vital Organs, Glands and 13 main joints
  • The Subtle Bodies Anatomy foundations for DNA programming – the main elements of human energy structure and their functions: Chakras – Energy Centres, Meridians – Energy Channels, Aura – Energy Field
  • DNA Bases, Codons and amino acids for DNA programming
  • 2-Dimensional Sacred Geometry for DNA Programming (Level 2)
  • 3-Dimensional Sacred Geometry for DNA Programming (Level 2 & 3)
  • Geometrical Shapes and their transformational, healing and manifestation powers for DNA Programming (Level 2 & 3)
  • Colour Frequencies and their transformational, healing and manifestation powers for DNA Programming (Level 2 & 3)
  • Aromatherapy basics and the application of Pleiadian formulas in healing support for vibrational clearing, cleansing and purification of your personal energy field and spaces, emotional healing, as well as the physical and subtle bodies detoxing
  • The use of Healing Crystals as guides, energy shifters, and healing support; Foundation knowledge of their properties, powers and benefits
  • Application of magnets as support in the removal of the low-vibrational thoughts, emotions, and patterns from the system
  • The basics of the Mayan Astrology and the Mayan Sacred Calendar (the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in) and its application in genetic coding
  • The Mayan Archetypal Energies of Universal Consciousness for DNA programming
  • Mayan Numerology for DNA programming (The Cycle of 13 and the Cycle of 20)
  • Mayan 7 Sacred Directions for DNA programming
  • Mayan Source Energies: Hunab K’u, Sacred Feminine & Masculine, and the Nature Forces for DNA programming
  • The Alchemical 5 Elements for DNA programming
  • The 7 Rays (Level 1) and the 12 Rays (Level 2), as part of our Soul Contract, for DNA programming
  • Guides and Guardians (Ascended Masters, Archangels, Nature Spirits, Power Animal Teachers, The Nature Forces within the Ancient Egyptian and Maya Goddesses and Gods entourage) for DNA programming

We do not facilitate a more detailed Workshop Program for copyright reasons. Trust your intuition rather than an intellectual scrutiny of the contents. If you feel drawn to this workshop, it definitely means that you have found this information by Higher Guidance, and that this system holds valuable insights, healing and skills you need in your evolutionary path. No access to the complete Program can guarantee that to you. Therefore, we request that you do not contact us with such enquiry.


From the blend of science of Epigenetics with the millenary sacred traditions and Human Genetic Design secrets of Shamans and High Priests of Mesoamerica and the Mystery Schools, learn the powerful techniques of DNA programming for healing, personal transformation, and developing your highest potential. Develop skills in reshaping your emotional and mental states that define your life experience, your personality traits, attitudes and aptitudes. Improve and recover your physical health by working on the root causes of imbalances, disorders and diseases using the powerful technique of deprogramming low-vibrational thoughts, beliefs and emotions,  and replacing them by the correlative high-vibrational ones. Unravel the meaning of the intuitively received coding, and wonder at how insightful and revealing the Guidance is offering valuable information for you to also use it for daily transformation and manifestation acts in your self-mastery progress on the conscious level.

Through the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy you learn to supportively code your energy, consciousness and DNA while working on your transformation and healing in a team with your Higher Self and Higher-Dimensional Guides. With this method your perspective and transformational resources become unlimited by assessing the the Universal Energies of Hunab K’u, Time-Space Continuum Spirals, Dimensions, Sacred Directions, The Five Elements, High-Frequency Downloads, Archetypes, Nawals, Galactic Number Vibrations, Sacred Geometry, Light, Colour Frequencies, Sound Codes, Essential Oils, and Healing Crystals. It will endow you with the powers of co-creation and the skills to undergo a profound transformation, from the blueprint level all the way up to the emotional or behavioural patterns, physical health and the nature of your manifestations. As a result you will experience empowerment and a life-transforming shift on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels teaching you how to make your health, harmony and balance sustainable.

In times when science starts confirming many of the old spiritual beliefs and holy scriptures transmissions, this esoteric spiritual, vibrational and genetic healing system brings scientific discoveries and the ancient sacred wisdom together within one holistic method. The traditional sources for this course are: (1) the Shamanic Ceremonies of healing with the Universal Energy of the Great Spirit and intervention of Higher-Dimensional Guides and (2) the secrets of the human genetic configuration contained in the the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in, the Mayan Sacred Master Calendar based on cycles of 260 days, equal to the time of human gestation from conception to birth (multiplication of the 20 Solar Archetypal Energies or the 20 amino acids in the composition of human DNA, and the 13 stages in each Cycle of Creation). The scientific contributions come from the areas of genetics and epigenetics based on the discovery that genes are Blueprints, the readout of which we are able to modify, becoming the masters of our reality, controlling our health and manifestations with our beliefs, emotions and attitudes about life.

The Sacred Master Calendar of the Maya, called the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in, holds numerous mysteries and secrets of the Intelligent Design and Human Genetic Programming. It has been used since the Olmec by Shamans and Time Keepers of all Mesoamerican cultures, has probable links to the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, and it continues being the base for coordination of all other Mesoamerican calendars, Sacred Ceremonies, Mayan Astrology, Divination, and human synchronization with the Cosmos by encoding each newborn’s DNA at birth for specific personality traits and the mirroring life path according to the Soul’s intentions and its Soul Contract set before conception.


The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy workshop is ideally complemented by the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop as the next step in your studies, since it fully delves into the topic of the Cholq’ij / the Tzolk’in, the Sacred Master Calendar of the Maya, the Aztec and the Olmec, which contains the secrets of the human genetic set-up, and which therefore we also learn to use for the DNA healing and re-programming. See: Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop page.


  • a pendulum for dowsing (best made of stainless steel, otherwise a crystal one; you can also purchase pendulums during the retreat)
  • colored pencils or crayons for Level 2 (a set of 26 colours: gray, black, representative of infra-red, red, brown, orange-red, orange, yellow-orange, yellow, chartreuse, green, spring green, turquoise, cyan, azure [blue-cyan #007fff], blue, slate blue, indigo dye [indigo-blue], indigo, lilac [indigo-violet], violet. lavender [light violet], representative of ultra-violet, white [optional], silver, gold)
  • your basic healing crystals collection, if you have it, highly recommended (you can also purchase crystals during the retreat)



To register in the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy workshops the prerequisites are:

  • for Level 1: None
  • for Level 2: Pleiadian DNA Alchemy 1 and Energy Coding I: Transformation 1 & 2
  • for Level 3: Pleiadian DNA Alchemy 1 & 2, Energy Coding I: Transformation 1 & 2, Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing 1 & 2
  • The Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) included in the above workshops


To register in The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Practitioner Training Foundation Level the prerequisites are:

  • Pleiadian DNA Alchemy 1 & 2 workshops including the Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) 1, 2A & 2B (Root Causes Tracing Basics) & Foundation Practice 1, 2A, 2B (Root Causes Tracing Basics)

To register in The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Practitioner Training Advanced Level the prerequisites are:

  • Pleiadian DNA Alchemy 3 workshop including the Intuition Breakthrough (Pleiadian Protocol) Advanced Practice 2B (Root Causes Tracing Basics)
  • Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Practitioner Training Foundation Level