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Developing Your Highest Potential

Pleiadian Alchemy Online Courses

Developing Your Highest Potential

Access Empowering Resources for Self-Realization, Personal Transformation, Healing, Manifestation of Goals & Your Highest Potential from Anywhere Around the World


You can experience the Pleiadian Alchemy Workshops in the format of live Online Courses on Skype and Hangouts, from the comfort of your home, regardless which country you live in. It allows you to avoid additional ‘flight-hotel-meals-away-from-home’ expenses that traveling to an on-site course would imply. If your availability and budget are limited, this formula lets you take the course while saving your time and money. Also if you are interested in many of our workshops, you can take two or three online courses for the price of one on-site retreat, enabling you to learn more and study more often, in addition to avoiding the trip time and investment if the airports, flights and hotels stress you.


But if you yearn for more adventure, sharing the experience with other Fellow-Seekers and visiting some of the most magical locations of Mayaland (Guatemala and Mexico) and Asia (Thailand and Bali, Indonesia), their power spots, sacred temples, caves, cenotes, holy springs and their nature reserves, coming to a Pleiadian Alchemy Retreat might be a most stimulating, spirit-lifting and growth-inspiring option for you.

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Make sure you feel ready to start the journey of developing your highest potential and multidimensional human expansion. Open your heart, your mind and your soul to the upcoming guidance, valuable insights, and changes revealed as necessary. This journey will take you along the labyrinth of self-exploration and self-discovery while getting to know yourself on a much deeper level, understanding how you function, what you need to be self-fulfilled and what you need to work on within your self-expression, attitude, beliefs, reactions and behaviour. You will go through stages of personal transformation, breakthroughs and healing. The result will be a new level of clarity, empowerment and capacity of manifestation of your goals and dreams. Our Workshops are a profoundly life-changing path to achieve all of the above.


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