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MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMAN EXPANSION:  Empowering  Resources  for  Transformation,  Healing  &  Manifestation of Your Highest Potential

Workshop Booking:

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The Pleiadian Alchemy Workshops Listing:

Pleiadian DNA Alchemy
(DNA Reprogramming)

Energy Coding Introductory Page
(Sacred Geometry & Colour Coding)

Pleiadian Download Healing
(Multi-Dimensional Vibrational Restructuring)

Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology
(Calendar, Astrology & Numerology)


  • Intuition, The Subconscious & Radiesthesia (Developing the innate emotional guidance system, intuition and psychic abilities, accessing Higher Guidance, exploring and harmonizing personal and close environment  energy with Radiesthesia Rods & Pendulum Dowsing for personal healing and earth radiation detection)
  • Energy Coding (Introductory page of the Energy Coding Workshop series: Ancient technique of Mesoamerican Shamans & Curanderos (traditional healers) of Encoding with Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies & Crystals for personal transformation, healing and manifestation)
  • Energy Coding I: Transformation (Personal and close environment encoding with Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies & Crystals for personal transformation, spiritual and emotional growth, and pattern shift as the basis for healing and manifestation)
  • Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing (Personal and large-scale environment encoding with Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies & Crystals for multi-level & multi-purpose self-healing and planetary shift addressing the link between a Human & Earth as living entities connected with each other)
  • Energy Coding III: Manifestation (Higher & Lower Planes encoding with Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies & Crystals for manifestation of goals in any area of life: personal development, relationships, work, abundance & health, etc.)
  • Pleiadian DNA Alchemy (Genetic healing and DNA reprogramming for producing multi-level & multi-purpose shifts in all areas of self-expression, life and health throughout the spiritual, mental, emotional, vital and physical bodies)
  • Pleiadian Download Healing (Multi-dimensional, multi-level & multi-purpose healing with Pleiadian Downloads, vibrational restructuring, energy healing and shifts throughout the spiritual, mental, emotional, vital and physical bodies engaging the Higher-Dimensional Guidance & Intervention)
  • Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology (Revealing your Sacred Agreement, your Soul’s intent and plan for this incarnation, based on the Mayan Sacred Calendar, Astrology & Numerology)
  • The Tarot: Wisdom, Guidance & Healing (Accessing Higher Guidance on any area of life: personal development, relationships, work, abundance & health, etc. through the intuitive and psychic readings using Tarot cards, Archetypes of Universal Consciousness & Numerology)

Workshops Character

Pleiadian Alchemy Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats


The Pleiadian Alchemy workshops, online courses and retreats are addressed to those of you who:

  • need a positive change and resources for making a breakthrough;
  • seek spiritual healing, and inspiration for your personal and spiritual growth;
  • hope to reconnect to the Source and the Great Spirit, as the Universal Creator Force, in order to love, live and manifest with ease;
  • seek new and alternative resources, support, and empowerment in the process of your physical healing
  • seek new and alternative resources, support, and empowerment in times of emotional challenges
  • are still learning self-love, self-acceptance, self-understanding, self-support, and self-forgiveness;
  • feel the need to become more resourceful, empowered, and self-reliant;
  • have interest in learning how to work on yourselves to achieve self-healing, shift in your character and attitudes, or the manifestation of your personal goals and dreams;
  • feel ready to pursue your higher purpose, align with your highest good and your Soul Contract, and live to your highest potential;
  • wish to develop your intuitive abilities to make wiser decisions and choices, as well as those who seek to expand your psychic abilities;
  • choose to contribute to the planetary healing and restoring balance and harmonization by learning how to code energy for support and resolution of world environmental and social issues;
  • pursue to acquire more advanced and extensive skills to be of service as practitioners.


The Pleiadian Alchemy workshops, retreats and online courses are designed to spark off your multidimensional human expansion – your evolution beyond the Five Senses and beyond the Third-Dimensional Plane of Existence, raising your consciousness to the Fifth-Dimensional Level and beyond, while enhancing your abilities as an incarnate Light Being and Earthling on all five levels of experience and self-expression: spiritual, mental, emotional, vital and physical, so that you can honour and enjoy your lifetime on Earth without forgetting where you come from… The Light and The Source. With us you will open up to be guided by Higher Consciousness and to be inspired by life-changing legacy of Shamans, Mystery Schools and Temple Science, through their techniques for developing your highest potential, personal transformation, healing, manifestation of goals, and accessing guidance. All of it will enlighten and speed up your path of multi-level exponential personal growth and self-realization. The powerful esoteric and shamanic resources you will; learn originate from the Mesoamerican traditions (Mayan, Aztec, Toltec and Olmec), Ancient Egypt, and their Pleiadian and Sirian inspirations.


The Pleiadian Alchemy courses have a character of workshops rather than seminars in which we aim at ‘talking less’ and ‘doing more’, making them experiential and practical rather than theoretical. The classes go beyond the mere expanding of your knowledge and understanding by empowering you with wisdom and practical skills that you can daily use to transform and heal yourself and your loved ones in diverse aspects of your life. They give you resources to co-create your life experiences, relationships, health, environment, your values, attitudes, aptitudes, pattern, habits, and the nature of your manifestations, aiming your highest good and your highest potential by mastering the powerful ancient and modern ‘spiritual technologies’.


  • Energy Coding for harmonization of your personal energy and the energy in your environment, for vibrational, emotional and physical healing; for manifestation of goals in your private and professional life, relationships, and personal evolution; for planetary healing of the existing environmental and social issues, etc.
  • Consciousness Coding and DNA Programming for reshaping your blueprint, your character, attitudes, aptitudes, health, and relationships; for clearing low-vibrational emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes; for eliminating your conditioning in case of genetically transmitted diseases, and healing your lineage, etc.
  • Accessing Guidance by using your intuition and psychic interconnection to your Higher Self, your Guides, the Great Spirit and the Universal Consciousness in order to make wise and self-supportive decisions or choices, to know the truth, find answers to important questions, etc.


The Pleiadian Alchemy workshops cover diverse subjects teaching a wide range of holistic, esoteric, Shamanic resources, such as Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies, Energy Coding, DNA Reprogramming, Pleiadian Downloads, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, the Tarot, Archetypes, the Mayan Sacred Calendar, Astrology and Numerology, Radiesthesia with Wands & Pendulum Dowsing.

Targeting a variety of skills you seek to learn, the above tools and resources are combined relevantly in the workshop topics which you can further explore from the workshop listing below.


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