Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. will accept no responsibility for your failure to get informed about the nature and conditions of our Services available though our website prior to your booking, registration and purchase.

By registering in a Workshop, Online Course or Retreat and by booking a Private Session with Nigma / Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. (Healing And Manifestation) you confirm that you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Service listed both on the ‘Disclaimer’ page and the ‘Terms & Conditions’ page, with special attention to the Terms and Conditions of Participation in Workshops, Online Courses, Retreats and Private Sessions.



The guidance, mentoring, instruction and healing services provided by Nigma / Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. (Healing and Manifestation) are not a substitute for professional medical, psychological, psychiatric, legal and financial diagnosis, treatment, advice and care, and are not meant to replace or discredit any professional in the fields of medicine, psychology, psychiatry, law, or financial planning. Make sure you always consult a licensed physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, lawyer, and/or financial advisor for respective diagnosis, treatment, advice and care.



Your life, work and health are your responsibility and yours only. By booking a Private Session with Nigma or registering in a Pleiadian Alchemy Workshop, Online Course or Retreat you are expected to understand that it is you, and you only, who needs to make all decisions regarding your life, work and health.

In the Pleiadian Alchemy Private Sessions, Workshops, Online Courses and Retreats you will receive valuable guidance, advice, teachings resourcing from Nigma’s personal and professional experience and skills, Higher-Dimensional Guidance if you are ready, and from the wisdom and knowledge of Ancient and Modern cultures and traditions, specially the Maya Shamans and Curanderos (traditional Healers) and the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. Your purpose must be not to depend on someone else’s opinions and skills, but to empower yourself with heightened perception, stronger confidence and certainty, as well as new-found answers to important questions and doubts that have brought you here. You are expected to understand that your life and health improvement will come from gaining new perspectives and understanding here, and from learning new valuable skills in self-management, self-help, self-healing, in developing your empowerment in all aspects of self-expression, personal attitudes and life, as well as in both ancient and modern techniques for improving your health, life experience, relationships, well-being, happiness, abundance, and all aspects of your personal and professional life.

However, as the wise proverb says: “The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, how much you will be able to appreciate and benefit from our guidance and teachings, will eventually depend on your own abilities, faculties, commitment and dedication to practicing and using what you learn with us.

The Private Sessions, Workshops, Online Courses and Retreats with Nigma / Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. (Healing And Manifestation) are not designed to impose on you any views, beliefs, decisions, or answers to important questions about existence, life, relationships, health, personal and business matters, or to tell you what to do with your life. On the contrary, they offer a open-minded, inter-disciplinary, broad vision rooted in ancient traditions and wisdom of the ages, aiming at empowering you to develop your personal discernment and responsibility for your life, and to make more well-informed, well-thought-out, wise, confident and grounded decisions, choices, conclusions, and actions. As an adult, at all times, you are expected to meet the contents of the guidance and teachings with freedom, inner peace, responsibility and discernment, as well as to pass them through the prism of your personal criteria. Your personal conclusions, decisions, choices, actions, and reactions based on the content of your Private Session, Workshop, Retreat, or digital or non-digital product purchased from this website, are solely your responsibility. If you are facing a life crisis, life-threatening situation, or a terminal disease, the services here offered can be a valuable support, complement and a source of empowering inspiration for finding solutions and motivation for life, however it is recommended that you also seek appropriate professionals to assist you, as Nigma / Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. (Healing and Manifestation) are not responsible for your circumstances and emotional distress before, during and after the Private Sessions, Workshops and Retreats, and at all times you need to accept and exercise your personal responsibility and discernment.



To make changes in your life, relationships, work, behaviour and attitudes, you must be ready. All kinds of healing require a deep personal inner and outer transformation, and effort needs to accompany those processes. You need to feel ready to take responsibility for yourself on every level, commit to the path that it will mark for you to take appropriate actions, and to sweat it out, whatever it takes. Nigma and Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. will accept no responsibility for your lack of readiness, capacity to make effort, or learning capacity that might limit or prevent the progress of your learning, transformation, healing and manifestation potentially expected to result from the contents of your Private Session or Workshop / Online Course / Retreat.



Both in Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats and the Private Sessions, the Pleiadian Alchemy Guide and Teacher introduces the Participants into the wisdom, knowledge and skills passed down through generations of Wisdom Keepers, Ancient Egyptian Mystery School as well as Mesoamerican Shamans and Curanderos (traditional healers). Nigma trains the Students in the ancient and modern, Shamanic & Holistic techniques of developing your highest potential through acquiring a higher level of self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-reliance, awareness shift, personal transformation, healing, and manifestation of your goals and dreams, while developing a high degree of personal freedom and responsibility not only for one’s actions but also one’s thoughts, beliefs, emotions, decisions and choices. The healing only comes with inner transformation, and transformation required readiness for changes, and the Workshops and Private Session teach you that it is about changing YOUR OWN thoughts beliefs, emotional responses and reactions, choices, decisions, attitudes, and actions, and not about demanding the changed from others whom you blame for your situation and health issues. You need to be willing to work on yourself, recognize the negative impact of your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, decisions, attitudes and action on your health, relationships and life, as well as the environment, and make changes in your attitudes and life to accommodate the benefits coming from your growth and healing achieved during the Workshops and Private Sessions. In class no time will be wasted on convincing anyone of anything. Make sure you feel ready for expansion and changes, register out of your own free will, and that you only do so because your intuitively resonate with the Workshop’s and Teacher’s vibration, Shamanic-Holistic approach, and commitment to open-minded and open-hearted search for the inner and universal truths, well-being and empowerment.



Nigma and Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. will accept no responsibility for your insufficient language skills that might limit or prevent your understanding of the contents of your Private Session or Workshop. Though Nigma always makes efforts to repeat and rephrase her communications, there are time restraints both in the group Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats and the Private Sessions, and also the need to adapt to the group dynamics in group events. Please work on your English / Spanish skills if you intend to register.



The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the schedule of the Retreat activities and the Workshop classes, always in the best interest of the Participants, that might be necessary due to the weather conditions, safety or transportation requirements, or any other reasons relative to suggestions of the third parties involved in the organization and services.



If a Workshop and Retreat organized by Nigma / Pleiadian Alchemy Inc. is cancelled due to natural disasters or the third parties involved in organization (hotel and transportation companies) not keeping the agreement, the Workshop / Retreat will be rescheduled. Please make sure you purchase your flight tickets either with a fare allowing you date changes or with a travel insurance covering your changes and cancellation to avoid any financial losses that in such event might arise.