The Pleiadian Alchemy

Registering For a Retreat:

All our Retreats held in Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand and Bali offer:

(1) LEVEL OPTIONS: Choose either ‘LEVEL 1 ONLY’ or ‘LEVELS 1 AND 2’ to learn the most in one trip.

(2) ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS: Choose either ‘DOUBLE ACCOMMODATION’ to share the hotel room with your travel buddy and fellow student, or a ‘SINGLE ACCOMMODATION’ if you come on your own.

IMPORTANT CONDITION FOR REGISTRATION: We can ONLY guarantee the double-room accommodation if you are coming with a friend, another Retreat participant, and you have both reached an agreement to share a room. Otherwise, we strongly advise you to make a ‘Single Room Accommodation’ Registration. We made sure the difference in rate is small and worth considering in order to support your study and healing experience by offering you more privacy and peace. We DO ALLOW your registration with a ‘Double Room Accommodation’ option if you are not coming with a buddy, however, if we do not reach the minimum number of room bookings to fulfill our terms of agreement with the hotel, either the last in registering or all of the ‘Double Room Registration’ Students will be required to pay a ‘Single Room Supplement Fee’ before the registration closure deadline.

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Purchasing Aromatherapy:

(1) DURING RETREATS & WORKSHOPS: The Pleiadian Alchemy Healing Oils are available for purchase during the Retreats and Workshops conducted by Nigma worldwide.

(2) MAIL ORDER: The Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy Healing Blends require elaborate Energy Coding with Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies, Healing Crystals, Sound Codes, Affirmations and high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads, synchronized with the Moon phases. Therefore, the new batches are prepared only once a month, whenever Nigma’s travel and teaching schedules allow. Please check the next availability date and whether your selected product is currently in stock for purchase.

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Support Through Donations:

We greatly appreciate your support through donations which secure and contribute to the continuation of our research and mission, funding Nigma’s expeditions and studies with the Shamans, as well as the creation of our workshops, didactic materials and music. You can opt for donations with or without claiming perks. The offered perks are:

(1) SELF-SUPPORTIVE: We will grant you corresponding gifts of Group Alignment or Healing during the New Moon or Full Moon Ceremonies.

(2) ENVIRONMENT-SUPPORTIVE: We will create Planetary Healing with Energy Coding addressing specific environmental or social issues. These vibrational structures of Sacred Geometry, Light Healing, Colour  Frequencies and Crystals code the Planetary Energies for harmony and order, designing the path of the necessary evolution through aligning lessons, resources and required events as well as drawing in support from the Higher Dimensions to assist in the transformation of the existing reality and the resolution of the recurring problems afflicting our Planet.

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All product prices and registration fees on the Pleiadian Alchemy Website and its Online Store are quoted in US Dollars (USD) and the payments are processed by PayPal.


For further savings by avoiding the disadvantageous bank/PayPal exchange rates, it is also possible tomake payments  in EUR/GBP/AUD as well as USD via (a) local transfers and (b) Debit/Credit Card payments by TransferWise, to bank accounts in the USA in USD, in Eurozone in EUR, in the UK in GBP and in Australia in AUD. For the fees rates in EUR/GBP/AUD and the bank accounts details please contact us by email to or by filling our the Contact Form on this 11:11 Promotion Page or the Contact Page.


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