Spiritual Art

To Inspire Your Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Art:

Paintings by Nigma
to Inspire Your Spiritual Journey

Powerful archetypal images and symbols can connect your to Higher Consciousness and guide you in your quest as a Seeker and Healee. At the same time, they also have the ability to harmonize your living and working spaces, wherever you place them, rearranging your environment’s energy to support your evolutionary goals in your highest good.

This collection comprises paintings by Nigma representing the Spiritual Archetypes from the Mayan, Ancient Egyptian, Balinese and Nordic Traditions:

• Your Soul Contract based on the Mayan Calendar, Astrology and Numerology depicted in a painting as your Mayan Tree of Life
• Mayan Ancient Glyphs for alignment with the Cosmic and Telluric Energies
• Norse Runes as well as your personalized Bind-Runes for empowerment, healing and protection
• Balinese gardens, statues, reliefs and temples
• Depictions of your Higher Guides who you feel particularly connected with in order to inspire you in daily challenges

Nigma’s paintings will be uploaded soon.

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