The Pleiadian Alchemy



Our Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy offers you a series of High-Vibrational Healing Oil Blends, composed in delightful and efficient Pleiadian formulas. Each Blend is empowered with specific Energy Coding of Sacred Geometry, Coulour Frequencies, Light Healing, Healing Crystals, Sound Codes, Affirmations, and high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads, in synchronization with the Moon phases, making each Blend powerful, unique and special.

Using them supports your multi-level balance and healing on the vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital and physical levels, the internal alignment and harmonization, reconnection to the Nature as well as the synchronization with the evolution of Space-Time Continuum Spirals, which —according to the Pleiadian and Mayan wisdom— complete 13 rounds before initiating a new cycle of Creation.

Each Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy Blend is composed of 13 ingredients, all high quality floral, herbal, spice and fruit essential oils from all over the world: Asia, Middle East, Australia, North & South America and Europe.

The Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy Benefits:

Bring your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul into alignment, balance and harmony while delighting your senses.

  • The Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy produces harmonizing and balancing effects on your Psyche, the Physical and Subtle Bodies, realigning your internal order, seeding health and infusing with a long-lasting presence of wellness, restoration and revitalization.
  • Whether the high-vibrational blends are inhaled through a steam bath, diffused in your living or working space, or enter in contact with your Physical Body, they produce a multi-level healing effect starting on the vibrational level reaching all the way up to the physical level.
  • They give you a substantial vitality boost in your energy levels initiating a vibrational shift and your overall frequency raise.
  • They heighten you awareness making you feel relaxed and comfortable but focused, refreshed and receptive.
  • Our Healing Oils initiate a detox and elimination processes of low-vibrational and unhealthy factors both from the vibrational and physical levels.
  • Our Blends also facilitate the release of low-vibrational emotions and thoughts that burden and trouble you, bringing a sense of relief and peace in your heart, mind and soul.
  • Last but not least, our Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy blends create a long-lasting sense of wellness and wellbeing while delighting your senses with their unique delicious aromas.

The Healing Oils Availability:

Temporarily, the elaboration and shipping of our Healing Oil Blends is suspended.

The Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy Healing Blends require elaborate Energy Coding with Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies, Healing Crystals, Sound Codes, Affirmations and high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads, synchronized with the Moon phases. Therefore, the new batches are prepared only once a month, whenever Nigma’s travel and teaching schedules allow. Please check the next availability date and whether your selected product is currently in stock for purchase.

Helpful Application Procedures:

(1) Apply a drop or two on the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to activate the healing properties of the oil, and then bring your hands to your nostrils and breathe the oil in deeply

(2) Apply a drop or two on the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to activate the healing properties of the oil, and then slowly and attentively pass your hands all around your Aura (energy field), as if demarcating and protecting your sacred space, and also brush away the low frequencies from all your Chakras (energy centers): in front, at the back, and additionally on the sides

(3) Apply a drop of a healing oil under your nose to benefit from its effects and enjoy its scent

(4) Apply a drop of a healing oil under on your wrists (specially on the inner side) and rub both wrists gently together to help release repressed emotions which cause most energy blockages

(5) Apply a few drops of the healing oil in the water before you have a bath to cleanse, raise your vibration, relax and initiate the healing process

(6) Diffuse the healing oil using an electric diffuser or an oil burner to permeate your bedroom before rest, your living space or working space to delight in its scent and refresh the space, while raising your vibration and healing

Purchasing Aromatherapy:

(1) DURING OUR RETREATS & WORKSHOPS:  The Pleiadian Alchemy Healing Oils are available for purchase during the Retreats and Workshops conducted by Nigma worldwide.

(2) BY MAIL ORDER: Please see the next availability date in the ‘Healing Oils Availability’ section above.  Check on the selected Healing Oil Product Page whether it is currently in stock and allow at least 2 weeks for shipping from the moment of purchase. Upon purchasing, you accept the above mentioned awaiting period to receive your delivery.


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