Your Higher Guides

Private Sessions with Nigma

Your Higher Guides

In this Session you can discover the identity of your Higher Guides and their important messages for you. By finding out their attributes and powers, as well as their experiences, roles and responsibilities in the Universal Consciousness, you will be able to understand what challenges and growth lessons your Soul had planned for this lifetime for you to live through and learn from. It is, in fact, one of many aspects of your Sacred Agreement, your Soul Contract. Based on these discoveries, the Session will help to remember, analyse, process, heal and accept your own relevant experiences linked to these stories.

It is a profound self-discovery journey. On the one hand, your Guides’ messages will inspire, speed up and nurture your evolution, expanding your self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-love and self-forgiveness. On the other hand, the Sessions will also delve into the exploration of your Soul’s origins and trajectory, of the experiences in your past lives having an important influence on your current incarnation and life evolution through the imprints and karmic connections, as well as of the genetic inheritance or conditioning, helping you to understand your lineage ancestral stories and your own role in it. In this process you often discover al  your Guides, both Stellar and Earthly, who protect, inspire and accompany you in the co-creation of the new experiences in this lifetime, so that you can remember your divine origins and access your inner light throughout your current unique magical life’s journey.


Depending on the time you wish to dedicate to your Sessions, the number of your Higher Guides you wish to discover and analyse their attributes to understand your lessons and challenges in this lifetime, Nigma will be able to deliver either a summary to fit one session or a more in-depth Guidance in a series of sessions allowing for more details, insights and analysis. If you wish to discover as many of your Guides as possible, be aware that more time is required for the analysis and choose a Value Package, a series of 5 IN-DEPTH Sessions, that offers you an additional 6th Session free of charge.


• 2-hour Session (1 Guide)
• 4-hour Session (1 or 2 Guides depending on the volume of the Guide’s messages)


A Series of Your Higher Guides Sessions to discover as many of your Guides as possible:
• 5 4-hour Sessions + 1 Free of Charge
(or 10 2-hour Sessions + 2 Free of Charge)


To book the Session, contact Nigma directly by text message on WhatsApp / Telegram (+52 999 640 3414) or by email (PleiadianAlchemy @