Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology

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Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology

In this Session we disclose your Soul’s Sacred Agreements planned for this lifetime, meaning who and what you have been programmed to become, what path your are meant to walk in this lifetime, what you come to learn, overcome, do and achieve. This Sacred Plan was carefully chosen by your Soul, assisted by your Higher Guides, through the selection of the day you were born, and the Universal Archetypal Cosmic and Telluric Energies ruling on the days of your conception and birth, that you literally embody.

Unlike the Western or the Assyro-Babylonian Astrology based on the position, correlation and distribution of the celestial bodies in the Zodiac Constellations and Houses at birth, the Traditional Mayan Astrology and Numerology are founded upon the Cosmic-Earthly Rhythms and the Sacred Mayan Calendar Cholq’ij/Tzolk’in, a dimensional energies calendar instead of an astronomical one. It allows you to unravel the Sacred Agreement your Soul made for this lifetime by describing your Human Design and Destiny Path as imprinted on your DNA by the Cosmic and Telluric Energies converging from the 4 Corners of the Universe at the transcendent moments of your conception and birth. You need this knowledge to guide you in your growth on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels, to harmonize you with the Cosmos, Mother Nature and Your Higher Self, to find your path and your Higher Purpose.

Unravel the Sacred Agreement you have made for this incarnation, your Soul’s intention, plans, mission, lessons to work on, evolve through and learn from in this lifetime. Know your Destiny Path, Higher Purpose, your Right & Left Brains configuration vibrationally and genetically programming your traits, gifts, challenges, weaknesses and strengths, so you can align with you original identity and live to your highest potential.
Get empowered by reintegrating the Archetypal Energies that you personally embody due to encoding at birth with the cosmic and telluric energies, your original frequency, identity, defining polarities, higher purpose and Power Animal Guides. Unravel your Mayan Cross configuration with personal Signs of Conception (Past, family genes & your genetic inheritance, past lives), Destiny (Future, life path, direction for growth), as well as your Right and Left Hemispheres (your Inner vs. Outer Worlds: psyche vs. physical and material reality, and your Sacred Feminine & Masculine Energies).


Depending on the time you wish to dedicate to your Sessions, Nigma will be able to deliver either a summary to fit one session or a more in-depth Guidance in a series of sessions allowing for more details, insights and analysis. If you wish to discover as many details of your Sacred Agreememrnt as possible, be aware that more time is required for the analysis and choose a Value Package, a series of 5 IN-DEPTH Sessions, that offers you an additional 6th Session free of charge.


• one 4-hour SUMMARY Session
(a 4-hour Session can be also split into two 2-hour Sessions)
• + a 15-page ABRIDGED VERSION of your Soul Contract based on the Mayan Astrology, Numerology & Sacred Calendar


A SERIES of Soul Contract Sessions to discover your Sacred Agreements in as many aspects and details as possible:
• 5 4-hour Sessions + 1 Free of Charge
(or 10 2-hour Sessions + 2 Free of Charge)
• + approx. a 40-page DEVELOPED VERSION of your Soul Contract based on the Mayan Astrology, Numerology & Sacred Calendar

Each of the 6 4-hour Session is focused on one specific aspect of your Sacred Agreements:

(1) Your Quintessence, Your Hearth & Soul, Your Original Identity, the Cosmic & Telluric Energies that you embody in this lifetime
(2) Your Conception, Origin, Beginnings, Ancestral Stories, Genetic Pool and Past Lives that have shaped your present life through DNA, imprints and Karmic conditioning
(3) Your Destiny Path, your predestination, experiences, to live through, talents to express and share through your endeavours as well as your personal and professional activities
(4) Your Inner World, your Psyche & Your Subjective Reality, your Intuitive & Psychic Potential, your Left Side, Right Brain Hemisphere, Sacred Feminine Energies (Your Yin), Your Receptivity
(5) Your Outer World, Your Manifest Body & Objective Tangible Reality, your Reason and Logical or Analytical Potential, your Drive & Initiative, your Right Side, Left Brain Hemisphere, Sacred Masculine Energies (Your Yang), the degree of your Proactivity, Responsibility, Authority & Empowerment Aspects
(6) Your Higher Purpose, the priority intents, goals and mission for this lifetime to achieve, growth lessons to learn, and evolutionary milestones to accomplish


To book the Session, contact Nigma directly by text message on WhatsApp / Telegram (+52 999 640 3414) or by email (PleiadianAlchemy @

(1) your full name
(2) your date of birth
(3) your time of birth (at least as approximate as you can provide)
(4) your place of birth (country & town)

If possible, please book the session at least one week in advance to allow for your Astrological Chart elaboration.


If you wish to study the Mayan Astrology, Numerology & Sacred Calendar with Nigma, check out the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop page.