Energy Coding 3: Manifestation

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Manifestation Goals

Energy Coding for Achieving Breakthroughs in the Manifestation of Goals/Dreams, and for Drawing in Resources/Support for the Creation of Personal and Professional Projects

Attract and manifest all you desire to be, have and do, by reprogramming your vibration to resonate with what you love and by attracting the needed resources. Achieve your goals, dreams, and higher purpose in life so that you thrive in abundance, prosperity, success, happiness and self-fulfilment. The Manifestation Codes rewrite Your Reality with Sacred Geometry and Light attracting support in any aspect that you are struggling to manifest without enough success. They help you to create breakthroughs in your creation processes and self-realization as well as to achieve all challenging goals.

Each Manifestation Code needs to be focused on one specific manifestation goal since it designs a unique path to produce the desired creation by drawing in the necessary resources and addressing the specific root causes of your blockages. They put you on a manifestation path guided by The Great Spirit and your Higher Guides through experiences, lessons, discoveries, realizations, insights and shifts. It is a powerful esoteric tool that works with the Universal Laws ruling both the Physical Third and the Higher Dimensions, including the Law of Free Will and the Principle of the Frequency Resonance, or the Law of Attraction. This Manifestation Energy Coding aligns you with your highest good and higher purpose, driving your self-realization to your highest potential, while working even on the issues you are not aware of, and propelling the necessary changes in what you want and specially in what you need. To read more, go to: Energy Coding page.


Depending on the degree of your commitment to your self-realization, choose (a) 1 ‘Manifestation Code’ Service addressing one specific manifestation goal or (b) ‘The Energy Coding Journey’ (Value Package) to address a series of goals, either focused exclusively on transformation or a combination of transformation, healing and manifestation goals. The full encoding package allows for an in-depth life-changing process and offers a BONUS 6th Service FREE OF CHARGE (Pleiadian Download Healing – Research & Self-Discovery for assessing your transformational needs).


1 ‘Manifestation Code’ Service for one Challenging Goal in your Personal or Professional Endeavours

The Service consists in channelling and designing your unique manifestation path for you with a sequence of Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies working on the root causes of your blockages that prevent you from achieving what you desire. The root causes often include self-sabotage programs or vows and self-limiting patterns of thought, beliefs, emotions or behaviour. Your Code may take a few days to create and activate.


The Full Energy Coding Series of 5 + 1 Services, each dedicated to the manifestation of a different goal in your personal or professional life.

5 Energy Coding Services (all focused on manifestation goals or in combination with other transformational or healing goals) + 1 Free of Charge ‘Pleiadian Download Healing – Research & Self-Discovery’ Service for assessing your manifestation needs.


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