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10-20 Apr 2020: Online Sessions (Skype/WhatsApp)

Please do not make the payment before we confirm availability and agree on your session date. To make an appointment, send the filled out Booking Form corresponding to your selected Session (use the links on the Sessions List & Synopses Directory above).


Both the ‘Online’ and the ‘In-Person’ Private Sessions are available depending on our Retreats and Workshops calendar. To schedule a Session, please contact Nigma by email or WhatsApp.

ONLINE SESSIONS: The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology, Guidance, Mentoring, Psychic Readings sessions are particularly convenient in the Online format to be easily accessible from home wherever you live. Distant Healing Sessions are as effective as the In-Person ones as well. You can opt for a call or a videocall on Skype or WhatsApp.

IN-PERSON SESSIONS: You can apply for an In-person Session only if we offer sessions in your location at the time or if you are willing to travel to any of the locations announced in our Event Calendar. Otherwise, please apply for an Online Session.



Whether you seek healing and a second opinion on health issues by tracing the root causes of a disease, guidance and mentoring, personal growth and transformation, a deeper self-knowledge and self-discovery opportunity, the understanding of your higher purpose and your Soul Contract, empowerment and mastery in handling your own personal and business matters and relationships, or the manifestation of your goals and dreams, here you will find resources to let go of what keeps you stuck or in the dark, in order to move forward and live your life to your highest potential.


The Pleiadian Alchemy offers a unique combination of empowering resources for self-discovery, the vibrational, genetic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing and transformation of your body, heart, mind and soul, as well as of your environment. Nigma and her Guides will lead you through the labyrinth of your inner and outer worlds, your psyche and environment, memories and experiences, signs and symptoms, so you can get to know yourself on a deeper level, understand how you function, and find the root causes of the recurring blockages, imbalances, life and health problems to resolve them, whether they are of a vibrational, genetic, environmental, karmic, or self-created nature.


Once you start this journey, Spirit orchestrates the appropriate series of event, synchronicities and opportunities for insights and lessons so the Seeker-Healee can realize in what ways you create the blockages and the disease with your own beliefs, thoughts, emotions and attitudes, and what changes therefore you need to make in order to restore the harmony and balance, and sustain the healing facilitated by Spirit in the Healing Ceremonies or Sessions. The results of the transformation and healing with the holistic and the Shamanic approaches highly depend on the degree of each individual’s proactivity and personal responsibility in co-creating their reality and their health with their thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, choices, actions and reactions.


The Private Sessions with Nigma are a journey of self-discovery, healing and gradual transformation into the best YOU that you can become. As all healing and manifestation must come accompanied by a profound inner transformation to make the healing possible and sustainable, thus your healing will include learning the power of taking a full responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, decisions, choices and actions, and letting go of your self-sabotage programs and self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, patterns and behaviors, which constitute the most frequent root causes of issues, blockages and imbalances both in health and in life.

The Sessions List & Synopses:

Pleiadian Download Healing

One 4-hour Session (In Person) • Two 2-Hour Sessions (Video Call)

The Pleiadian Download Healing is a form of Holistic and Shamanic Healing & Balancing combining aspects of the spiritual and emotional shift with intense vibrational cleansing and restructuring from the quantum to the physical levels, by means of high-frequency Pleiadian Downloads complemented, if need be, by supportive Energy Coding, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy. Founded on an extensive exploration and diagnosis of root causes, the PDH focuses on detecting and counterbalancing the existing blockages, imbalances, disorders and issues in your health, life, relationships, self-expression, creativity and the nature of your manifestations, while tracing them back to their vibrational and emotional origins (including traumas, self-sabotage programs and detrimental patterns) as well as their environmental, genetic and karmic conditioning in your present and past lives, in search for solutions and healing instead of just palliating the symptoms. The healing becomes possible thanks to the holographic and multidimensional nature of the Universe or Multiverse (As Above So Below, As Within So Without), and the interconnectedness of the vibrational, genetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital and physical levels within every living system, which allow harmonizing shifts throughout your physical and subtle bodies, once originated on the vibrational level. From this perspective, the Pleiadian Download Healing is also a method of physical healing by virtue of working on and clearing the vibrational and psychological root causes of the physical imbalances and diseases, thus opening the door for the physical recovery.

It is an ultimate self-discovery journey including comprehensive profiling, in which you also discover your soul’s origins, trajectory & Higher Guides.

For more information about this healing modality, see the Pleiadian Download Healing Session page and the Pleiadian Download Healing Workshop page.


Pleiadian DNA Alchemy

One 4-hour Session (In Person) • Two 2-Hour Sessions (Video Call)

The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy is a genetic, vibrational, emotional and spiritual healing combining the science of Epigenetics, the Mayan Shamanic tradition and the mysticism of the Mystery Schools. Reprogram your Blueprint with Cosmic and Telluric Energies through the Space-Time Continuum Spirals of Creation to reshape your life experience including patterns, traits, health, and the nature of your manifestations into empowerment, harmony & wellbeing. With the DNA Activations and Deactivations of attitudes, aptitudes, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, habits and genetic inheritance, you can shift patterns as well as eliminate any negative potential and the acquired or genetically transmitted afflictions replacing them by desired features and manifesting what you desire. Through the transformative reprogramming of your DNA, consciousness and energy with Archetypal Cosmic, Galactic and Stellar Energies, Sacred Geometry, Light and Sound Frequencies, High-Frequency Downloads, linguistic resources and affirmations, with the additional support of magnet sweeps, healing oils and crystals, the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy will assist you in speeding up your personal growth, multidimensional expansion and the process of restoring balance and harmony in your psyche, self-expression, physical health, relationships, activities and the nature of your manifestations.

You might also like to check out the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop page.

PREREQUISITE: A preparatory Pleiadian Download Healing session for a full exploration and assessment (profiling, research and documentation on your healing needs, recurring issues, patterns, self-sabotage programs, imbalances, blockages, afflictions and their root causes diagnosis)

Energy Coding Basis

1 Personalized Chakra System Code + 3 Home Spaces Harmonizing Codes + 1-hour Session for the Codes Interpretation & Activation

Initiate your multidimensional human expansion modifying the configuration of your subtle energies and consciousness to benefit from a positive pattern shift in all areas of self-expression and life experience. Receive support in your transformational path as well as your personal and spiritual growth by vibrational encoding of your personal and home energies configuration for evolution, harmony, wellbeing, reconnection to the universal abundance energy, thriving and the alignment with your highest good and Higher Purpose. Benefit from the power of Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies to reshape your energy and consciousness to resonate with the choices, circumstances and opportunities matching your highest potential. Having your Chakra Codes and Harmonizing Codes for your living environment activated and supporting your growth and quality of life experiences lays the foundation for your evolution towards your highest potential and multidimensional human expansion. Before you can start activating your more advanced Energy Coding structures such as Healing Codes and Manifestation Codes, you need to have your Energy Coding Basis activated. This powerful esoteric technique has been passed down by Mesoamerican Shamans and Curanderos and has roots in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science.

PROVIDE: (1) your full name, (2) your choice of 3 home spaces to code the energy for (if you live on your own or the spaces that are of your individual use or, if shared, ask permission of the family members you share your home with).

For description and benefits of Chakra Codes and Harmonizing Codes see the section above on Sacred Geometry Energy Coding.



Sacred Geometry
Energy Coding

Post-Session Service

Achieve deep transformation in all aspects of your self-expression and life by encoding your personal and environmental energies with Sacred Geometry and Light frequencies. Energy Coding by Higher Guidance rewrites the reality by putting you on a transformational path guided by lessons, insights and shifts to your highest good so that you align with your highest purpose and highest potential while resonating with the universal abundance and thriving energies. The Energy Codes, custom-made for each individual and circumstance, vary in size and complexity depending on the purpose they are created for: your multi-level healing, manifestation of goals, and your personal transformation through coding your individual energy, the energy of the objects your most frequently use as well as the energy of your living and working spaces in order to fully support your growth, healing and manifestation processes.

Energy Coding is a vibrational healing, transformation and manifestation technique passed down by Mesoamerican Shamans and Curanderos originating from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science. Sacred Geometry Energy Coding is one of the most powerful and effective esoteric tools for coding energy and consciousness to produce pattern shifts in our self-expression, behaviour, attitude, abilities, beliefs, drives and all areas of life including relationships, abundance and health, at the same time changing the nature of the manifestations that we draw back to ourselves by virtue of the vibrational resonance with similar or equal frequencies. It utilizes geometrical shapes and colour frequencies, the attributes of Light, since Light is the ultimate carrier of information throughout space and time. To produce shifts and manifestations, we need to work with the Universal Laws ruling the physical Third Dimension and the Higher Dimensions, the Law of Free Will and the physical Principle of the Frequency Resonance, or the Law of Attraction, among others. The process of reshaping yourself and your life needs to start with encoding your Inner and Outer Energies (Chakras – your Energy Centres, Aura – your Energy Field, as well as your connectivity to Source), before proceeding to more complex and challenging processes of transforming your environment (your living and working spaces), your body, relationships, career and life.

Geometrical shapes and light frequencies have transformational, healing and manifestation qualities and powers which amplify when combined. Once your Energy Coding is designed and activated, it leads you through a path of lessons, gradual transformation, inspired growth, pattern shifts, healing and achievements of goals.



Chakra Codes

Achieve deep transformation in multiple aspects of your life and self-expression, shifting your conscious, subconscious, emotional and behavioral patterns, while aligning with your Highest Good, Higher Purpose and Highest Potential. Reprogram your Chakra-Aura Energies and Consciousness for breakthroughs in personal evolution and self-realization to positively shift your awareness, attitude, capacity, drives and manifestations. It also helps you work on the issues you are not aware of, spawning the necessary changes not only in what you want but also in what you need.


Harmonising Codes

Reprogram the energy in your environment to support your wellbeing, balance, peace, healing, evolution and goals. Shift the atmosphere and the vibration of your living or working spaces as well as the objects you frequently use to match your free will choices and highest good. Some Harmonizing Codes can be designed for special periods of your life and specific purposes including the support of personal transformation, healing and manifestation processes, while others for a lifetime, aiding the fulfillment of your Higher Purpose, Multidimensional Human Expansion and your Highest Potential.

Vibrational and
Holistic Healing

Healing Codes

Get coded for Higher-Dimensional guidance and support in healing your blockages, imbalances, traumas, phobias, disorders and diseases on vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Be guided on the path of freeing yourself from self-sabotage programs, self-limiting beliefs or vows, recurring detrimental patterns, and environmental, genetic or Karmic conditioning (which constitute the root causes of your imbalances and blockages), while letting go of the negative thought and emotion vibrations: fear, phobias, addictions, anger, grudge, unforgiveness, and struggle.

Goals Achievement
(Law of Attraction)

Manifestation Codes

Attract and manifest all you desire to be, have and do, be reprogramming your vibration to resonate with what you love and the universal flow of abundance and your highest good. Achieve your goals, dreams, and higher purpose in life so that you thrive with prosperity, success, happiness, wellbeing, and mastery. Enhance and speed up your results by getting coded for Higher-Dimentional guidance and support in achieving your goals, and programming your energies and path for breakthroughs, lessons and resources on your transformational, healing and manifestation journey.

Also check out the Energy Coding Workshop pages: Energy Coding I: Transformation, Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing, and Energy Coding III: Manifestation.

PREREQUISITE: A preparatory Pleiadian Download Healing session for a full exploration and assessment (profiling, research and documentation on your healing needs, recurring issues, patterns, self-sabotage programs, imbalances, blockages, afflictions and their root causes diagnosis).

For the Energy Coding Basis consisting of Chakra System Coding and basic Harmonizing Codes, please read below: Energy Coding Basis.

Sacred Geometry Healing

One 4-hour Session (In Person) • Two 2-Hour Sessions (Video Call)

The Sacred Geometry Healing consists in a vibrational clearing and cleansing, comprehensive re-patterning and healing through the entrainment of your energy pathways and flow inducing its return to healthy patterns. Align, harmonize and balance your physical and subtle bodies re-patterning energy, clearing vibrational disharmonies and detrimental low frequencies with High-Dimensional Geometrical Patterns and Downloads of Universal Energy and Sacred Geometry. The recalibrating and relieving long-term effects of the session deeply heal and harmonize all your energy system as well as your physical systems and organs, bringing your body, emotions and consciousness into the state of inner peace and vibrational harmony. You can benefit from this session either as a healing of the existing imbalances, blockages and distress, or as prophylactic maintenance in order to prevent gestating diseases in the future.


Soul Contract based on Mayan Astrology

4-hour Session + approx. 10-page Astrological Chart

Unlike the Western or the Assyro-Babylonian Astrology based on the position, correlation and distribution of the celestial bodies in the Zodiac Constellations and Houses at birth, the Traditional Mayan Astrology and Numerology are founded upon the Cosmic-Earthly Rhythms and the Sacred Mayan Calendar Cholq’ij/Tzolk’in, a dimensional energies calendar instead of an astronomical one. It allows you to unravel the Sacred Agreement your Soul made for this lifetime by describing your Human Design and Destiny Path as imprinted on your DNA by the Cosmic and Telluric Energies converging from the 4 Corners of the Universe at the transcendent moments of your conception and birth. You need this knowledge to guide you in your growth on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels, to harmonize you with the Cosmos, Mother Nature and Your Higher Self, to find your path and your Higher Purpose.

Unravel the Sacred Agreement you have made for this incarnation, your Soul’s intention, plans, mission, lessons to work on, evolve through and learn from in this lifetime. Know your Destiny Path, Higher Purpose, your Right & Left Brains configuration vibrationally and genetically programming your traits, gifts, challenges, weaknesses and strengths, so you can align with you original identity and live to your highest potential.
Get empowered by reintegrating the Archetypal Energies that you personally embody due to encoding at birth with the cosmic and telluric energies, your original frequency, identity, defining polarities, higher purpose and Power Animal Guides. Unravel your Mayan Cross configuration with personal Signs of Conception (Past, family genes & your genetic inheritance, past lives), Destiny (Future, life path, direction for growth), as well as your Right and Left Hemispheres (your Inner vs. Outer Worlds: psyche vs. physical and material reality, and your Sacred Feminine & Masculine Energies).

PROVIDE: (1) your full name, (2) date of birth, (3) time of birth (at least approximate), and (4) place of birth (country & town).

CHART ELABORATION TIME: If possible, please book the session at least one week in advance to allow for your Astrological Chart elaboration (approx. 10 pages).

You might also like to check out the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop page.


Psychic Readings

2-hour Concise Reading  or  4-hour Full Reading

Connect to Universal Consciousness and communicate with Higher-Dimensional Guidance for insights, answers, warnings and advice on important events, decisions and choices in your daily life, relationships, and personal or business matters. Receive valuable clues about the upcoming opportunities and shifts or challenges and obstacles in order to understand where your blockages or problems stem from, and to find wise and long-lasting solutions. Through this interactive intuitive process, you can know yourself in depth and see what positive and negative potential the future can bring as a result of your present choices and actions, by meditating on your life’s most important past and present issues to inspire your awareness and spawn improvement of outcomes. Nigma combines multi-deck Tarot Reading with Channelling and Pendulum Dowsing for a more complete and reliable communication with Higher Guidance.

For a 2-hour Concise Reading you need to select 1 format of Reading from among the 3 described below (Co-Creation Reading, Dilemmas Resolving Reading or Relationships Reading), while in the 4-hour Full Reading you can have 2 formats or all 3 of them. On the time you wish to dedicate to your reading it will depend how comprehensive it can be.

In the Co-Creation Reading we have a look at your life events and your evolution, the connection between your past, present and future experiences, your present and upcoming opportunities, challenges, issues, matters to attend to, so you are forewarned and ready whatever might come your way. Everything important you need to know or that you have questions about, worries you or you feel curious about.

In the Dilemmas Resolving Reading we analyze different options of possible solutions and decision you might take in any of the difficult choices you confront in life right now, so that you to see which choices will give you the best results in the future, and which is the most beneficial or safe path for you.

In the Relationships Reading we can look deeply into each important relationship you have in your life and you feel that you need to analyze, understand the meaning of, forecast where it is going to, to see if it is constructive and supportive for you, what lessons and experiences it brings along with it. We dedicate special attention to a relationship with a significant other, a partner, spouse, bride/groom, girlfriend/boyfriend, if you wish.

You might also like to check out the Tarot: Wisdom, Guidance & Healing Workshop page.


Guidance & Mentoring

2-hour Step-Session  or  4-hour Breakthrough-Session

Whether you are:

  • struggling with challenges in any aspect of life, work or relationship,
  • facing a crisis in one or more areas of life
  • feeling stuck in the same issues and negative patterns repeating themselves all over again in your personal or business matters,
  • caught in a vicious circle of self-limiting and self-sabotaging situations and habits
  • feeling unable to make an important decision fearing you lack ability or insight,
  • looking for a solution to a problem,
  • hoping to find valuable insights and advice to understand and face current or upcoming events,
  • trying to get a bigger picture and understanding of situations you are involved in,
  • dealing with a health issue,
  • trying to grow and evolve as a human being, expand you awareness, learn more responsibility, self-reliance and discernment for a positive life experience and balanced living
  • needing to strengthen your personal power and develop more empowerment in all life areas,
  • looking for ways to let go of your self-sabotage programs and self-limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors

you might benefit from some supportive guidance and mentoring, particularly the one including the Higher Guidance contributions to the perspective and communication, to assist you through the challenges you are facing, if your feel ready.