Online Private Sessions with Nigma — last week this month: 25-31 May

The online Pleiadian Alchemy Private Sessions are available the last week of May: 25-31 May 2019

  • Healing (Pleiadian Download Healing, Sacred Geometry Healing) •
  • Transformation (Energy Coding Basis) •
  • Self-Discovery (Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology) •
  • Guidance (Psychic Readings, Guidance & Mentoring) •

Once you have had the Pleiadian Download Healing session, you can follow with:

  • Healing (Pleiadian DNA Alchemy and Sacred Geometry Energy Coding for Healing Goals) •
  • Manifestation (Sacred Geometry Energy Coding for Manifestation Goals) •

Whether you seek guidance and mentoring; personal growth and transformation; healing and a second opinion on health issues assessment by tracing the root causes of a disease; self-exploration and self-discovery; the understanding of your higher purpose and your Soul Contract; empowerment and mastery in handling your own matters, relationships, work and business; or the manifestation of your goals and dreams; here you will find resources to let go of what keeps you stuck or in the dark, in order to move forward and live your life to your highest potential.


Enter the Private Sessions page and select the Session you wish to book, then fill out and send the Booking Form corresponding to the selected Session with your contact data and availability.


See our Private Sessions Page for details on the consultations dedicated to maximizing your potential through guidance, mentoring, healing, personal transformation and manifestation of goals.

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