Mystic Art

To Inspire Your Spiritual Journey

Mystic Art:

Paintings by Nigma
to Inspire Your Spiritual Journey

Nigma’s artistic expression focuses on mystic themes with powerful archetypal imagery and symbolism. It taps into mystery and mysticism capturing Nigma’s fascination with the esoteric and the occult as well as her connection to the otherwordly and the intangible, where she feels more awake, present and engaged in her Multi-Dimensional Existence than she is integrated in the Physical Reality. Sensitive and responsive to Shape and Colour, Sacred Geometry and Music, Nigma’s impulse is to process and decipher through painting whatever strikes her as transcendental, spiritual, inscrutable, arcane, cryptic, enigmatic and mystifying.

Her art connects you to Higher Consciousness, stirring your Temple of Remembrance and guiding you in your quest as a Seeker and Healee. It has the ability to empower, protect and harmonize both your energy or emotional states and your living or working spaces, wherever you place it, reshaping your own vibration and that of your environment, inspiring your quest, and supporting your evolutionary journey into the Unknown behind the Veil of Illusion (= ‘Māyā’ in Sanscrit, where its most probable root ‘Mā’ means ‘to measure’).

The collection comprises paintings by Nigma representing mystic, arcane or Shamanic imagery inspired by the archetypes and symbolism from the Mayan, Ancient Egyptian, Balinese and Nordic Traditions:

• Your Soul Contract based on the Mayan Calendar, Astrology and Numerology depicted in a painting as your Mayan Tree of Life
• Mayan Ancient Glyphs for alignment with and integration of the archetypal Cosmic and Telluric Energies of the Universal Consciousness
• Norse Runes as well as your personalized Bindrunes for empowerment, transformation, healing and protection
• Balinese imagery, statues, reliefs, temples and gardens
• Depictions of your Higher Guides who you feel particularly connected with in order to inspire you in daily growth and facing challenges

Nigma’s paintings will be available for sale in 2023.

Please check again soon.