Energy Coding I: Transformation Retreat Levels 1&2 — Uxmal, Mexico, Sept 2019

The Pleiadian Alchemy Energy Coding I: Transformation Retreat takes place in Uxmal, Yucatán, Mexico, Level 1: 6-15 Sept 2019, and Level 2: 15-23 Sept 2019. The Light Bearer 11:11 Promotion has been extended till the 1st July 2019. No prerequisites needed. This initiation workshop is in itself the prerequisite for you to register in the subsequent courses of the Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing, Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Level 2 and the Pleiadian Download Healing Workshops. If you cannot travel to Mexico, there is a good alternative this year too: an Online Course, Level 1 in Oct 2019, and Level 2 in Nov 2019, with 2 group options: a Weekend Group (Sat & Sun) and a Weekday Group (Thur & Fri).

WORKSHOP CHARACTER: This workshop initiates you into the legacy of Shamans, Mystery Schools and Temple Science on Multidimensional Human Expansion, developing your highest potential, personal transformation and healing.

WHAT YOU LEARN: You learn practical skills in reshaping and rearranging energy and matter by encoding vibration and consciousness for personal transformation with Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies. You will take back home with you many Energy Coding configurations for yourself, your living & working environment, as well as your family members and friends if they give you their permission to work on them. These techniques cultivated by Mesoamerican Shamans and Curanderos, with roots in Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools and Temple Science, will empower you to co-create a new more desirable reality defining yourself and your life wile shifting patterns in all aspects of self-expression and life experience.

REGISTRATION DEADLINES: The special discount rate (The Light Bearer 11:11 Promotion) is available by 1 July 2019, the Early Bird Fee by 11 July, and the registration closes on 1 August 2019.




LEVEL 1: Uxmal, MEXICO, 06-15 Sept 2019
LEVEL 2: Uxmal, MEXICO, 15-23 Sept 2019


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