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You can contact the Pleiadian Alchemy and Nigma directing your enquiries and notifications by email to:, IMPORTANTLY with a copy to for reassurance, or by filling out the Contact Form provided below.


Our cellphone number is: (+52) 999 640 3414 (Mexico). Considering Nigma’s intense travel, teaching and healing calendar, we suggest you do not call directly but rather send us a WhatsApp message first with your name and availability options so we can agree on the date & time of your call or video call (WhatsApp / Skype). This way we can all make sure that we are available to assist you


On WhatsApp our cellphone number additionally displays ‘1’ after the Mexico country code: (+52) 1 999 640 3414. The best option to establish communication, considering Nigma’s intense travel, teaching and healing calendar, is to first send us a WhatsApp message or an email telling us your availability options so we can schedule the date & time of your call or video call (WhatsApp / Skype).


We use Skype for Online Courses and Private Sessions, therefore we facilitate our Skype account only to the registered Students and Healees to prevent that unscheduled calls interrupt the ongoing classes and sessions. For calls and video calls we use WhatsApp instead. Please check out the WhatsApp contact information above. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.


FACEBOOK: You are welcome to connect to us on Facebook for networking and sharing our upcoming events, as we value spreading the word and appreciate your support in doing so.
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REGISTRATIONS & COMMUNICATIONS: Please note that all registrations, however, must be made through our website (not Facebook) as we require you to fill out and send the Registration Form [available on each Workshop, Retreat & Online Course Page in the last “Registration & Fees” section] and make the full payment by the registration deadline. All communications regarding registrations or enquiries must be sent to our email address only (not Facebook). Additionally for any questions and clarifications you are also welcome to get in touch through WhatsApp.


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