The Pleiadian Alchemy Founder

Nigma, the founder of the Pleiadian Alchemy, is an international spiritual guide and teacher, a holistic, intuitive and shamanic healer, a Mayan astrologer and a psychic. She is an emissary of the Mesoamerican ancestral shamanic healing traditions (Maya, Toltec, Aztec and Olmec), the legacies of Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools and Temple Science, their mystic connections to the Stellar Ancestors, Masters and Guides from the Pleiades and Sirius.

For over 3 decades, in 16 countries on 5 continents, Nigma has shared her experience and skills in esoteric techniques for developing your highest potential. She has been inspiring and empowering people worldwide by her private sessions, workshops and retreats on self-realization, self-discovery, personal transformation, manifestation of goals, accessing guidance, as well as the vibrational, genetic, spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Nigma assists those who pursue their higher purpose and a passionate, meaningful way of life, those who wish to expand multidimensionally beyond their limiting commercialized and materialistic environment, education and social influence, those who are ready to work on their personal growth, transformation, healing and the manifestation of their highest potential, goals and dreams, and those who have understood the only way to achieve all the above is by engaging their personal responsibility, proactivity and dedication.

Coming from a family with psychic, scientific and pedagogical talents, Nigma had an early contact with and training in Esoteric and Divinatory Arts, such as Sacred Geometry, the Tarot, Astrology and Numerology as well as some scientific and artistic disciplines, including maths, physics, music and dance. She always sensed there was an underlying mystic connection between spirituality, science and art, and that they were only facets of one holistic occult diamond, which could be accessed and experienced through the Shamanic path. Her Father, a PhD in Mathematics and a University Professor in public, while an outstanding Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Astrologer in private, was her first and most influential mentor. It was his balanced perspective —combining the scientific and the esoteric fascinations— that shaped Nigma’s evolution and holistic vision of reality where the science, art and spirituality coherently meet, and where both the Right and the Left Brain abilities must register and co-create human perception range and life experiences for a sense of wholeness and self-fulfillment.

Nigma combines the Holistic and the Shamanic approaches to vibrational, genetic, spiritual, emotional and physical healing and personal transformation for a comprehensive process and optimum results. Its essential element is the acknowledgement of the Soul-Mind-Heart-Body interconnectedness, which allows to pinpoint and work on eliminating the root causes of the blockages and imbalances both in your life and body, including pains, disorders or diseases afflicting you. Following the Shamanic tradition, Nigma becomes a guide, mediator and facilitator of your transformational and healing journey, establishing the connection and communication with your own Soul, the Great Spirit and Higher Dimensional Guides for root causes diagnosis, guidance and healing.

Aiming at your gradual multidimensional development and healing, apart from palliating the symptoms, Nigma traces your health and life issues, back to their root causes: environmental, vibrational, mental-emotional (self-sabotage programs, negative patterns, self-limiting beliefs, commitments, thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviour), as well as to the genetic and karmic conditioning or past life imprints. By supportive coding and reprogramming of your energy, consciousness and DNA, complementeded by the use of healing crystals and essential oils (Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy), Nigma and her Guides will assist you in achieving a shift and restoring your health, vitality and wellbeing in your soul, psyche, body and life so you activate your highest potential and thrive.