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Pleiadian Alchemy

is both a practical and a sacred Path of developing your Highest Potential in sync with your Higher Purpose that guides you towards your Self-Realization through the profound processes of Multidimensional Human Expansion comprising self-discovery, personal transformation, pattern shift, healing, goal manifestation and overcoming your self-limitations.


Nigma assists you in your quest to realize your higher purpose in order to live a passionate, meaningful life to your highest potential and expand beyond a limiting educational system, social influence or commercialized and materialistic environment.

The Pleiadian Alchemy is a self-discovery and personal development path, a Mystery School, a comprehensive system of interconnected methods integrating the holistic and intuitive approaches together with the Mesoamerican Shamanic healing tradition and the ‘spiritual technologies’ passed down the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science.


In these times of environmental and social crises, the main goal of the Pleiadian Alchemy is to help in propelling a long-lasting positive shift in the Human consciousness and behaviour both on the personal and planetary scale, all throughout the vibrational, genetic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Each Soul’s awakening and healing contribute to the Universal Shift. Each leader’s, teacher’s, healer’s, influencer’s or parent’s evolution and empowerment are urgent now for the Global Change. With every Private Session and Workshop you take, you contribute the resources to allow Nigma to continue the Planetary Healing Ceremonies.


Our Sessions are addressed to you if you are seeking • inspiration for growth; support in achieving positive changes in your life; • answers, deep insight and valuable guidance to gain clarity and discernment for crucial life decisions and choices; personal transformation and pattern shift; • overcoming your self-limitations and self-sabotage; • comprehensive healing on all levels;discovery of and alignment with Your Soul Contract;fulfillment of your Higher Purpose; support in manifestation of your goals; • Self-Realization based on developing your Highest Potential;


Nigma selects and personalizes the resources that are ideal for you and the circumstances that you are dealing with to produce the breakthrough you need: Sacred Geometry, Energy Coding, the DNA Alchemy through Reprogramming & Transmutation, Pleiadian Downloads, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Radiesthesia, Accessing Guidance through The Tarot, Sacred Runes, Channelling and the Rod or Pendulum Dowsing, as well as disclosing Your Soul Contract based on the Archetypes of the Universal Consciousness and the Mayan Sacred Calendar, Astrology & Numerology.


Our courses have a character of workshops rather than seminars as we aim at ‘talking less’ and ‘doing more’, making them experiential and practical rather than theoretical. The classes go beyond the mere expansion of your knowledge and understanding by initiating you into wisdom and practical skills that you can daily use to support yourself with powerful techniques for self-discovery, personal transformation, pattern shift, healing and manifestation of goals.


If you feel the calling to assist others in their journey of personal growth and developing highest potential, you will find a great variety of personalized Practitioner Training courses to learn many powerful formulas for self-discovery, transformation, pattern shift, healing, manifestation of goals and revealing the Soul Contract Sacred Agreements. Follow the recommended order of subjects in your study for best results.



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The Pleiades

Just as there are energy power spots on Earth turning certain locations sacred, there also exist sacred power spots in the sky. The Pleiades are one of them.

The Pleiades are a star cluster in the Taurus Constellation whose main stars can be seen with a naked eye on the opposite side of Orion than Sirius. Cherished by many ancient traditions, in most records it is called the Seven Sisters: Alcyone, Asterope, Maia, Taygeta, Celoeno, Electra, and Merope, accompanied by their mythological parents, Pleione and Atlas.

In many tribal and shamanic traditions, the Pleiades are spoken of as our original home, where our Ancestors came from to inhabit Planet Earth. In numerous esoteric traditions, we find references to the descriptions of the Sun and our Solar System as part of the Pleiades. In them, our Sun is considered the 8th Star on the Spiral of Light beaming from the Galactic Core and passing through the 7 main stars of the Pleiades first, carrying with it all the consciousness and information about our origins, history and past lives for us to access when we are ready, if we know the right tools. Great number of temples and pyramids are oriented towards the Pleiades in crucial moments of the year, such as the solstices and the equinoxes. It was intended to facilitate the communication with our Ancestors as well as our multidimensional Higher Selves and Guides, as much as to aid the return of our souls after death back “Home” to the stellar systems that we come from. As multidimensional souls, we exist at the same time in other dimensions and star systems, many of us in the Pleiades, as higher-dimensional beings who communicate and project their consciousness covering the distance from the Pleiades to Earth in just a quarter of a second. In the ancient oral and written traditions, we also find numerous references to the visitations of more advanced cultures from other stellar systems, including that of the Pleiadians who not only guided and initiated the evolving humanity into new skills and knowledge but even contributed to our genetic engineering and the recovery of human population after major extinctions.

The Pleiades also represent the 5th Dimension sustaining the paradigm of Creativity, Freedom, Responsibility and Discernment, Unconditional Love, Compassion and Forgiveness, which is precisely why from these supportive and compassionate Pleiadian Guides we have received powerful techniques for self-discovery, expansion of consciousness, personal transformation, pattern shift, healing, manifestation and the development of our highest potential. And this is also why our Alchemy and Mystery School, based on this paradigm, principles and methods, is called Pleiadian.


Our alchemical processes have the character of the Inner Alchemy transmuting your Energy and Consciousness. They focus on your inner transformation into the “Best You That You Can Become”, shifting the vibration and frequency of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes and behaviour to help you improve all life and health aspects and maximize your potential.


Alchemy is popularly known as a centuries-old pursuit of the chemical formula for turning iron into gold. But far beyond it, the most essential and valuable alchemy in life is the Alchemy of our Energy and Consciousness, the underlying fabric of all Creation, our Existence and Reality. All physical manifestation in the 3-dimensional material world comes as a result of that very Energy with Consciousness expressing Itself and creating. In the Shamanic traditions and the Mystery Schools, Alchemy is a multi-level and multi-dimensional shift, transformation and transmutation on the vibrational, genetic and karmic levels, both conscious and unconscious. It results in a profound healing all across the PVEMS (physical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual planes) thanks to our connection to the Universal Source Energy and the Creator Force.


Due to the challenges of life, of the physical existence and even of the dynamics in many relationships, we often cause ourselves energy imbalances and blockages by low-vibrational factors (such as negative thoughts and emotions, self-limiting beliefs and patterns, self-sabotage behaviour and habits) or carry others as a genetic or karmic conditioning. If we do not know how to release them, they eventually lead to physical disease. It is in such crucial moments that we need assistance: guidance, clearing, balancing, harmonizing, and a transformational and healing process that can set off a positive pattern shift. As everything is interconnected, an essential part of the process must be tracing all health issues or life problems back to their original causes. If they are of the environmental or self-created nature, they require dealing with without delay in order to reestablish your good health and thriving. With the transformation of your Inner World, which all healing must come accompanied by, and fully depends on, the Inner Alchemy has the potential to bring about powerful changes and breakthroughs in your Outer World: your health and the nature of your manifestations in all life aspects. It will escalate positive shifts from the vibrational level all the way to the physical, opening a new range of possibilities and restoring your health, harmony and effortless manifestation.


We support you on the vibrational, genetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, understanding Your Wholeness & Balance as the interconnection of your multiple dimensions: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit on the individual scale, as much as the interconnection with the Universal Energy and Consciousness on the cosmic scale. We trace and address the root causes of any imbalance instead of only palliating the symptoms for comprehensive solutions.


An essential element in the holistic approach to personal transformation and healing is the understanding of the Wholeness of a Human Being far beyond the mere physical aspects. In your essence, you are Energy with Consciousness who creates everything within you and around you, including your own physical body and reality. Your psyche is the most determining factor in shaping your condition, therefore, whatever your mind, heart and soul conceive, it immediately or gradually influences your balance and health, either by creating and supporting them or by going in their detriment or even destroying them.


You cannot fully heal by treating only the physical body and the symptoms of the imbalance appearing after the vibrational disharmony has already been in the system for many years. It is the acknowledgement of the Soul-Mind-Heart-Body interconnection and the inclusion of the energy, emotions (“e-motion” = energy in motion), thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and attitudes in the computation of human functioning and health that enlightens the way to pinpointing the root causes of the blockages, pains or diseases afflicting us, and makes the gradual healing possible beyond just palliating the symptoms. The Holistic Healing acknowledges the root causes may range from vibrational, genetic, mental, emotional and environmental, while the Shamanic Healing takes it one step further including even your past lives and the karmic origins of an imbalance or an ailment.


Shamanism is our way of connecting the The Whole by acknowledging that everything has its Essence, Energy or Spirit with its Consciousness. The Cosmos is pervaded by the creative force that Shamans call ‘Intent’, and everything in the Universe is connected to that Intent, which is how we create and manifest our individuality, our bodies, our lives and experiences every day.


Shamanism teaches us about the interconnection of everything and everyone in the Universe within the field of the Universal Consciousness and the Universal Energy. It reminds us that each of us is a fractal of that Collective Mind and that we have the power to create. Therefore, it transmits the long-forgotten wisdom about the true nature of reality, in which All That Is, and it means each human too, is Energy with Consciousness creating and expanding incessantly. When you walk the Shamanic Path, learning the Shamanic tradition, practice and skills, while honouring Mother Earth and Father Sky, you become whole and you live to your highest potential.


The Shamanic Healing Ceremony involves accessing Higher Consciousness for guidance, insight and healing. It benefits from the connection to the Currents of the Cosmic-Telluric Energies as well as the intervention of the Power Animal Teachers and the Higher-Dimensional Guides, including our Stellar Ancestors, Brothers and Sisters from the Pleiades and Sirius, just as it the case in the Pleiadian Alchemy system. We honour the Great Spirit as the Universal Consciousness and Source Energy, Universal Mind or Universal Creator Force, who can be also understood as the equivalent of the Jungian Collective Unconscious, where we can access the information and forces inaccessible to us on the individual and conscious levels where we only conceptualize and function within the structure of Archetypes limiting our perception to the mental and the physical. In this process, the Shaman becomes the mediator and the facilitator of our healing and transformational processes, guiding us through the labyrinth of our psyche and beyond, and allowing us to co-create with Spirit to our highest good, pursuing our higher purpose on the evolutionary path to our highest potential. In the Mesoamerican cosmovision, it is the Hunab Ku, “the One Diversified with the Heart”, the Giver of Movement and Measure, who -just like the the Yin and Yang- expresses the Wholeness and the Balance of All Creation, the Time-Space Continuum Spirals of Creation, and the eternal dance of the opposites within All That Is… Mother Earth and Father Sky, he Dark and the Light, Night and Day, In and Out, the Sacred Essences of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, the Movement and Measure…


Insightful Quotes By Renown Writers, Researchers, Psychologists & Musicians

  • “Shamanism is essentially a living tradition of alchemy that is not seeking the stone but has found the stone.”
  • “Humans are part of creation and Shamanism is our way of connecting to the whole.”
  • “Shamanism is about doing phenomenology with a toolkit that works.”
  • “The Shaman has access to a superhuman dimension and a superhuman condition, and by being able to do that he affirms the potential for transcendence in all people. He is an exemplar, if you will.”

Essential Quotes on Shamanism by Terence McKenna