Pleiadian Alchemy: DNA, Energy, Sacred Geometry & Shamanic Healing
Empowering Resources for Transformation, Healing & Manifestation of Your Highest Potential — Retreats, Online Courses & Private Sessions - Shamanic Healing & Mystery Schools techniques: Multidimensional Human Expansion—Developing Full Potential
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Private Sessions:

Online Personalized Sessions: Pleiadian Download Healing, Pleiadian DNA Alchemy, Radiesthesia, Energy Coding, Sacred Geometry Healing, Soul Contract, Mayan Astrology & Numerology, Psychic Readings

Developing Your Highest Potential, Self-Discovery, Guidance, Mentoring, Healing, Root Causes Tracing, Cleansing, Personal Transformation and Manifestation of Goals


All Private Sessions are available online so you can be assisted no matter where you live. For your better experience and focus, the ‘audio only’ format is strongly recommended. You can hold a session on Skype, WhatsApp or Telegram. All sessions must be scheduled in advance.


Whether you seek healing and a second opinion on health issues by tracing the root causes of a disease, guidance and mentoring, personal growth and transformation, a deeper self-knowledge and self-discovery opportunity, the understanding of your higher purpose and your Soul Contract, empowerment and mastery in handling your own personal and business matters and relationships, or the manifestation of your goals and dreams, here you will find resources to let go of what keeps you stuck or in the dark, in order to move forward and live your life to your highest potential.


The Private Sessions with Nigma offer a unique combination of insightful guidance and empowering resources for self-discovery, transformation (both your own and that of your environment), and the vibrational, genetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing. Your Session process will involve the relevant resources selected according to your individual needs and preference.


As the sessions aim at assisting you in co-creating a life to the fullest, great attention is dedicated to detecting existing blockages, limitations, and imbalances in your health, personal and professional life, relationships, self-expression, creativity and manifestation skills, as well as to tracing the root causes of your recurring issues. In order to resolve them, they must be addressed with relevant methods chosen depending on whether the issues are of a vibrational, genetic, karmic, environmental, or self-created nature due to self-sabotage programs or detrimental self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, patterns and behaviours.


See our Private Sessions Page for details.


Online Courses and Retreats: The Life-Transforming Legacy of Shamans, Mystery Schools & Temple Science on Multidimensional Human Expansion

Empowering Resources for Developing Your Highest Potential, Self-Discovery, Self-Realization, Personal Transformation, Healing and Manifestation of Goals


If you are ready to start a journey of developing your highest potential, multidimensional human expansion, self-discovery, personal transformation, healing, breakthroughs, empowerment and manifestation of your goals and dreams, our Workshops can become a profoundly life-changing path for you to achieve all of the above. You can experience the Pleiadian Alchemy Workshops in the format of live Online Courses, from the comfort of your home regardless which country you live in, while saving on the travel expenses to study more and more often. But if you yearn for more adventure, sharing the experience with other fellow Seekers and visiting some of the most magical locations of Mayaland (Guatemala and Mexico) and Asia (Bali, Indonesia), their power spots, sacred temples, caves, cenotes, holy springs and nature reserves, coming to a Pleiadian Alchemy Retreat might be a most stimulating, spirit-lifting and growth-inspiring option for you.


The Pleiadian Alchemy education combines shamanistic, intuitive, holistic, spiritual and psychological approaches of ancient and contemporary origins with scientific bases and disciplines supporting the former sources. We pass down powerful esoteric and holistic resources of Energy Coding, DNA Programming, Pleiadian Downloads, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Accessing Guidance, Pendulum Dowsing, The Tarot, Mayan Calendar, Astrology and Numerology. They originate from the Mesoamerican Shamanic traditions (Mayan, Aztec, Toltec and Olmec), the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science, and their Pleiadian and Sirian sources.


Our workshops are addressed to those of you who seek a positive change, healing, and inspiration for personal and spiritual growth; to those who crave for self-discovery and want to get to know yourselves on a deeper level as a multi-dimensional being; to those who feel the need to become more empowered, resourceful and self-reliant; to those interested in learning self-healing, achieving shift in your character and attitudes, or the manifestation of your goals and dreams; to those ready to pursue your higher purpose, align with your highest good and your Soul Contract, and live to your highest potential; as well as to those of you who wish to be of service as practitioners.


The wisdom and skills you learn here not only expand your theoretical knowledge but also enable and empower you to transform and heal yourself, your life and your environment. Mastering these ‘spiritual technologies’ will allow you to co-create your life experience, relationships, health, environment, your values, attitudes, and aptitudes, as well as the nature of your manifestations to your highest good and highest potential.

Posts: News & Upcoming Events:

The online Pleiadian Alchemy Private Sessions are available in the month of July 2019 on the following dates: 6th-14th • Healing (Pleiadian Download Healing, Sacred Geometry Healing) • Transformation (Energy Coding Basis) • Self-Discovery (Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology) • Guidance (Psychic Readings, Guidance &......

The online Pleiadian Alchemy Private Sessions are available in the month of June 2019 on the following dates: 19th-25th • Healing (Pleiadian Download Healing, Sacred Geometry Healing) • Transformation (Energy Coding Basis) • Self-Discovery (Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology) • Guidance (Psychic Readings, Guidance &......

The online Pleiadian Alchemy Private Sessions are available the last week of May: 25-31 May 2019 • Healing (Pleiadian Download Healing, Sacred Geometry Healing) • Transformation (Energy Coding Basis) • Self-Discovery (Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology) • Guidance (Psychic Readings, Guidance & Mentoring) • Once......