Pleiadian Alchemy: DNA, Energy, Sacred Geometry & Shamanic Healing
MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMAN EXPANSION - Empowering Resources for Transformation, Healing & Your Highest Potential - Online Sessions & Workshops
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MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMAN EXPANSION: Empowering Resources for Transformation, Healing & Manifestation of Your Highest Potential

Private Sessions:

Online Personalized Sessions
for Individuals and Couples

Develop your highest potential in a powerful guided process of self-discovery, personal transformation, letting go, healing, cleansing, root causes tracing and manifestation of goals.


Group & One-to-One
Online Courses & Retreats

Become empowered learning life-transforming skills in alchemical transformation, healing and manifestation passed down by Mesoamerican Shamans, Mystery Schools and Temple Science.

Mystic Art:

Paintings by Nigma
to Inspire Your Spiritual Journey

Inspire your Seeker-Healee quest surrounding yourself with the empowering, protective and harmonizing mystic Archetypes from the Mayan, Ancient Egyptian and Nordic Traditions.

Announcements & News:

Upcoming Events & Past Workshops Highlights: