Pleiadian Alchemy: DNA, Energy, Sacred Geometry and Shamanic Healing
Shamans' & Time Keepers' Empowering Resources for Transformation, Healing and Manifestation of Your Highest Potential — The Pleiadian Alchemy Retreats, Workshops and Private Sessions on Guidance, Mentoring, Healing, Empowerment, Personal Transformation and Growth, and the Manifestations of your Goals and Dreams.
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Pleiadian Alchemy Retreats:

Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand and Bali

A School of Millenary Wisdom and Balanced Living.

In the Pleiadian Alchemy workshops and retreats you learn life-changing techniques of healing and self-help to assist you on your path of self-realization, personal growth, transformation, search of empowerment, healing, and the manifestation of your goals and dreams. These Esoteric and Shamanic Healing resources originate from the Mesoamerican traditions (Mayan, Aztec and Olmec), the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, and their Pleiadian and Sirian inspirations.

In pursuit of your higher purpose, aligning with your highest good and your Soul Contract, you will learn to master the empowering resources and ancient ‘spiritual technologies’ of Energy Coding for harmonization of your personal energy and the energy in your environment, DNA Programming, Consciousness Coding, as well as using your Intuition in connection to your Higher Self and your Guides to make wise and self-supportive decisions and choices. Here you have the opportunity to acquire skills in Sacred Geometry, Colour Frequencies, Pleiadian Downloads, Aromatherapy, Archetypes, Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing, the Mayan Sacred Calendar, Astrology and Numerology. You will reconnect to the Source and the Great Spirit as the Universal Creator Force and learn to co-create your health, your life, relationships, values and attitudes to your highest good and to your highest potential.

Visit our Workshops & Retreats page for details on upcoming courses.

Private Sessions:

Guidance, Mentoring, Healing, Personal Transformation, Manifestation of Goals

Whether you seek guidance and mentoring, personal growth and transformation, healing or second opinion on issues assessment and tracing the root causes of a disease, the understanding of your higher purpose and your Soul Contract, or the manifestation of your goals and dreams, here you will find resources to let go of what keeps you stuck or in the dark, in order to move forward and live your life to your highest potential.

The Private Sessions with Nigma range from the vibrational, genetic, spiritual, mental, emotional to the physical healing and transformation of your body, heart, mind and soul, as well as your environment. Part of the sessions is dedicated to tracing the root causes of your recurring blockages, life issues and health problems, so they can be resolved once discovered whether they are of a vibrational, genetic, karmic, or self-created nature, such as your self-sabotage programs and self-limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors. The sessions will correlate to your individual case, whether you need DNA Re-programing, Energy Coding, Sacred Geometry, Pleiadian Downloads, Aromatherapy, or the exploration of self and your circumstances with the help of the Mayan Sacred Calendar, Astrology and Numerology, Archetypes, Psychic Readings (Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing, Channelling) or any other Esoteric and Shamanic resources originating from the Mystery Schools, the Mayan tradition and the Pleiadian inspirations.

Both the IN-PERSON and SKYPE or WHATSAPP Private Sessions are available.

Visit our Private Sessions page for details on the guidance, healing, transformation and manifestation consultations.

Wisdom Pearls what lies withinWisdom Pearls:

Inspirational Quotes and Wise Proverbs

Empower your heart and mind by wise popular proverbs and inspirational quotes conceived by Sages, Masters, Gurus and creative writers from all over the world. Timeless wisdom have been passed down generations in many cultures and traditions, and it continues giving people inspiration, motivation, direction, and answers to important existential questions regardless our origin, race, education or social status.
Our posters are arranged in two series: the ‘Pleiadian Alchemy’ Wisdom Pearls and the ‘Healing and Manifestation’ Wisdom Pearls. You are most welcome to share them with your family and friends… Have an inspired day:-)!

Visit our Wisdom Pearls page for more wise proverbs and inspirational quotes.